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Digital transformation

Not simply adding automation or efficiency, Digital Transformation is re-thinking customer experience, operations, and work – and finding smarter technologies to remove friction and risk from them. It is a disruption of business as usual, finding new ways to optimize customer journeys, work, and process efficacy with the application of technologies that enable them to work better through fewer, more personalized touches.

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Technologies 2021 2 2

Robotic Process Automation

RPA focuses on automating simple, structured data for easy-to-complete tasks. For more complex operations that blend bots with human labor – there is a key ingredient for success: in-depth knowledge of current process execution coupled with the ability to effectively process content.

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Focusing on re-casting processes to take advantage of smarter technologies, including AI, ML, Process Mining and RPA, Hyperautomation requires both process awareness and targeted capabilities, called ‘skills.’ Process awareness and discovery can identify the best opportunities for automation. Pre-trained skills delivered as consumable cognitive services can quickly automate the most time-consuming document processes within specific industry domains covering a vast array of documents and data needs. Enterprises can additionally train more document skills on their specific content connecting to intelligent automation tools to deploy hyperautomation solutions in a matter of weeks.

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Social Distancing

Introduced as a fact of life with the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, social distancing is re-thinking processes, technology, hyperautomation and business interaction to work without direct human contact. Digital transformation, process intelligence, hyperautomation, RPA, document processing can remove contact points from doing business. Contactless business, Hyperautomation, spatial distancing, Intelligent Document Processing are all means of achieving social distancing in conducting business.

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