ABBYY Intelligent Search SDK

Go explore

with the new intelligent search tool
that discovers every bit of relevant data.

When information is missed by enterprise content searches, the results can put projects at risk – especially in areas like eDiscovery, data security and scientific research. But with the ABBYY Intelligent Search SDK, users can be confident of finding all required data, even across huge volumes of unstructured content. The SDK’s natural language processing technology enables it to understand the exact meaning of words and sentences – ensuring outstanding accuracy. Mitigating the risk of missed documents or evidence, it lets users focus on analyzing data - instead of spending most of their time searching for it.

Explore all your data for efficient discovery

Ensure collection of all relevant data from every area of corporate content with the ABBYY Intelligent Search SDK. Fast and easy content exploration provides a clear, informative landscape and facilitates discovery-related and research-oriented content-intensive tasks.


Legal discovery

  • Lower the risk of missing a “smoking gun” for case document exploration.
  • Create a sustainable and reasonable defense strategy by quickly retrieving all sensitive data.

Security investigations

  • Easily retrieve all evidence related to a person, organization or other subject of investigation.
  • Effectively investigate issues with one-click delivery of all relevant documents. Quickly explore all related content.


  • Quickly survey all available information covering a research topic with a “Thousand Foot” view of the resources at hand
  • Drive research further by collecting all the relevant data needed to support an argument.

Exactly the data required, instantly available

Now it doesn't matter if a user can't recall the title, author or date a document was created. With the ABBYY Intelligent Search SDK, users can search by meaning: narrow it down or broaden it, or simply use entities extracted from text to get precise results.


Enterprise search

  • Get the most relevant results ranked by meaning with one click
  • Take advantage of faceted search, which intelligently extracts entities from text to collect data on a specific person or organization.
  • Avoid missing valuable documents: the SDK's a powerful morphology module processes queries correctly despite word forms.

ABBYY Intelligent Search SDK Brochure.pdf (646 Kb)

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