Past webinars

Webinar in French: Digital Intelligence : quelle sera la banque de demain ?

For the second webinar in our "ABBYY Expert Talks" series, we are pleased to offer you a web conference in French about innovation in the banking sector. Our special guest, Mr. Hugues Le Bret, Founder and Chairman of the Compte Nickel Supervisory Committee, will talk about the role technologies play for the future banks by taking the example of Compte Nickel.

ABBYY Expert Talks: The Journey from Process Mining to Process Intelligence

Today’s information systems generate an unprecedented amount of data from both digital and physical sources. Understanding process data in more detail empowers organizations to gain insight to their business process flows and which processes need to be improved. Renowned Process Mining expert Prof.dr.ir. Wil van der Aalst and ABBYY’s Scott Opitz provide insights to how continuous advances in process mining will help your digital transformation journey in uncovering and improving your processes, thereby achieving business agility.

Raise Your Digital Intelligence: Automate Business Processes

You are welcome to join ABBYY & Unite BT webinar to learn how you can streamline and automate document processing while reducing the time and costs. Discover how Digital Intelligence Technologies automate any-volume document classification and data extraction. It helps organizations implement robust techniques to enhance their performance and save money.

ABBYY Digital Strategies for Banks to Thrive in Today’s Crisis and Beyond

As Financial Services institutions are facing a tidal wave of requests for COVID-19-related applications for loans, forbearances and forgiveness, the added strain of supporting a remote, virtual workforce is pushing processes and technology into crisis. View this webinar to learn about:

- Forrester’s latest research on digital banking amidst the pandemic

- Real-life use cases of how banks are managing COVID-related transactions with a remote workforce

- Practical steps for implementing Digital Intelligence to tackle these challenges

SAP and ABBYY: Upskilling Your Digital Workforce

Enterprises are moving fast in their digital transformation journey; with a common business driver leading to automate highly intensive work associated with document-centric processes. Documents such as  invoices and other unstructured content require tedious handling by key personnel having to read, double-check, extract data, and then input data into a system for additional processing, taking away critical time needed for these workers. Combining ABBYY FlexiCapture and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation reduces manual tasks, creates efficiencies, and can optimize operations.

Transforming Your Mobile Experiences

A smooth and seamless onboarding experience is essential for customer acquisition and loyalty. Connecting intuitive touchpoints with AI-enabled back-end processes creates a best-in-class experience across the entire onboarding journey, resulting in higher customer retention while increasing profitability.

Integrate AI powered data capture capabilities into your applications

In our webinar, learn how you can smoothly integrate ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK to empower your applications with industry leading data capture technologies. See how FlexiCapture SDK can save you development time and resources, while helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Webinar in French : La Digital Intelligence pour une transformation organisationnelle

Join us for a French webinar with Mr. Raquin and Mr. Maillet, authors and founders of the Club des Pilotes de Processus, to learn more about how to put the process at the heart of your strategy to better meet the needs of your customers and reach your performance objectives.

Introduction of different implementation scenarios in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Learn more about the most common scenarios in which ABBYY FineReader Engine may be used, and their specifics. Discover how to use predefined profiles to save development time and optimize the individual parameters for optimal results. Learn how to select the right scenario for your project, optimize your code for specific tasks, and implement common document conversion scenarios.

How Rapid Automation Can Help Streamline SBA PPP Loan Applications & Forgiveness

As the number of applicants seeking relief through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act grows at an extraordinary rate, lenders are struggling to keep up. Overwhelmed with collecting and validating documents, determining eligibility criteria, and processing requests, lenders face backlogged applications and their customers experience slow response times. ABBYY, in partnership with Blue Prism, Bizagi, and Lateetud automates the entire end-to-end mortgage and loan relief application and submission process. Register for this webinar to see how rapid automation helps you streamline loan applications and forgiveness at your organization.

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