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Realize Incremental Value from Your FlexiCapture Implementations with Process Optimization

ABBYY Timeline for FlexiCapture allows users to quickly uncover and understand how content-centric processes perform and discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies.

This webinar will feature a practical demonstration of Timeline for FlexiCapture, exploring its benefits to deliver incremental value in Finance & Accounting, Insurance, Healthcare and other industries / use cases.

French webinar with Argus de l’assurance - L’assurance de demain : la donnée au cœur de la transformation ?

Data control is a strategic issue in insurance today. This webinar will give us the opportunity to discuss the role that data analytics as well as the digitization of processes play for the digital transformation of the insurance sector.

French ABBYY Expert Talk - Process Intelligence : comment la data permet-elle une amélioration de la performance ?

Join us for our next ABBYY Expert Talk in French during which we will have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Arnaud Foujols, VP Performance, Digital Transformation and Data at Monoprix. He will share his vision and feedback on how the optimal use of data improves performance.

ABBYY Expert Talk in French
Table ronde : La crise, un accélérateur de la transformation de la relation bancaire

Register now for our virtual round table to meet several banking experts who will share their ideas on why data, AI and new technologies are essential pillars of successful business strategies.

How to Create Accountability for Your Revenue Cycle Using Process Analytics

It’s estimated that two-thirds (66.7%) of organizations experienced broken processes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for health systems to respond effectively they must break down information silos and holistically connect their revenue cycle processes from patient to payment. Only then are you able to comprehend key dependencies which, if neglected, can create costly breakdowns in the system.

- Create full transparency into your Revenue Cycle processes with low effort
- Uncover hidden bottlenecks and variations in your processes that lead to delays, revenue loss and denials
- Deliver peace of mind that people are following your Revenue Cycle policies

Top 3 Technologies To Leverage For Accounts Payable Automation & How To Deploy Them

The global pandemic has escalated the necessity to automate financial processes. Remote work, the need to reduce costs, and respond quickly to market shifts have heightened the importance of automation to evolve finance operations' agility and efficiency.

Learn in this webinar on demand how you can leverage 3 Top Technologies for AP & Finance Automation and drive success forward.

Leverage the latest functionalities in ABBYY FineReader Engine

The developer toolkit ABBYY FineReader Engine enhances your applications with excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data extraction functionalities.

With regular product updates, ABBYY provides software suppliers, development departments, and other users of this SDK with the latest features and enhancements needed to support new use cases.

Join our webinar to get up to date with FineReader Engine and learn about new functionalities that have recently expanded the product.


- ABBYY FineReader Engine – New feature update

- Live demo of new use cases
   - Document comparison - with the newly added module ‘Compare Documents’
   - Information extraction from ID documents - with the newly added functionality ‘MRZ Reading’

Analytic Automation and Process Intelligence - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Liberate your business operations from tedious, manual, and unproductive tasks by having the ability to easily visualize your end-to-end processes and have the insights and capability to optimize and automate day-to-day operations. Join this webinar to explore how process intelligence and analytic automation represent two sides of the same coin and provide that 360-degree view of your business operations.

ABBYY Expert Talk
The Siemens Global Business Services Intelligent Document Automation Journey

Discover how Siemens Global Business Services manage to ensure agility and transparency, minimise customer friction through omni-channel customer service and reduce transaction costs through the application of service-oriented AI, Machine Learning and Process Automation capabilities in their services platform.

Why Process Holds the Key to Unlocking Great Customer Experiences

See why tasks, processes and journeys are so interconnected. Join CMSWire, Forrester and ABBYY where industry experts will share a combination of theory and practice to stimulate your thinking and help you turbocharge your CX initiatives.

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