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ABBYY Expert Talk: Realising Better Underwriting Outcomes through Process Intelligence

The hardening market has made underwriting efficiency – and profitability – top of mind for insurers. No longer able to rely on investment income to balance disappointing outcomes, the industry is now looking to new technologies to save the day.

But, improving your underwriting processes is not a once and done project. There are a lot of moving parts to consider, new data will continue to accumulate, and hence processes need to be monitored and optimised on an ongoing basis.

Join Neil Ward Dutton from IDC, Dermot McCauley from Lithe IT, and ABBYY’s Process Mining and Insurance Solutions Leaders for this webinar to learn more about not only “what to do”, but also “how to do it”:

  • The latest trends in intelligent automation practices
  • How to use data to improve underwriting processes and facilitate decision-making of technology investments
  • How to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and accelerate impact-ful digital transformation with Process Intelligence
  • How to leverage AI to analyse your processes in real time, identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes

Move Forward with your ABBYY FineReader technology

Release 5 of the ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 for Windows added big updates to the software development kit (SDK). The biggest improvement was to the optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Neural network approaches improved OCR accuracy. This drives best-in-class barcode recognition, enhanced PDF processing, and much more.

Get the most out of your investment. Join ABBYY experts for an upcoming webinar. Learn what impact this update will have on your business. Plus, we'll cover details about the technology improvements included in this update. Register now so you don't miss out.

ABBYY Expert Talk: Optimising Processes to Welcome Financial Services into 2022 and Beyond

The challenges of the recent global crisis have exposed the fact that the events and trends in financial services move fast. Financial institutions need the velocity necessary to keep up and meet the needs of their customers by creating the differentiated experiences they demand. In a world where things can change with little or no warning, speed matters.

In this webinar, ABBYY's financial services expert Cheryl Chiodi and guest speaker Aurelie L'Hostis, Senior Analyst from Forrester, will cover:

  • How financial institutions are investing in digital intelligence/automation with proven results
  • How you can innovate without adding cost or complexity to your processes
  • Ways of leveraging technology and partnerships to expedite process automation to become more agile and improve CX
  • How to discover, analyse and predict outcomes with actionable process insights

ABBYY Expert Talk: Hyperautomation for Finance in SAP Cloud

One of the top reasons that transformation projects fail is due to flawed scope—falling short either from too broad approach or too narrow using a single tool to cut costs. Finance leaders seeking to drive functional improvements benefit from adopting a holistic approach that enables their teams to intelligently automate and orchestrate multiple targeted end-to-end processes with hyperautomation.

By combining advanced technologies, hyperautomation optimizes core financial processes like expense reports reviews, new accounting standards compliance and invoice processing, and scales throughout finance areas including record-to-report and lead-to-cash.

Join ABBYY and Incture for an advance view of new generation hyperautomation solutions pre-packaged for F&A processes and document skills built on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Learn:

  • How it just got easy to understand unstructured documents
  • How true hyperautomation can extend the value of financial processes by delivering faster, more efficient, flexible, and higher quality results
  • How a US-based retail company reduced supplier inquiries by 60% and reduced approval cycle time by 30%

How Financial Institutions Can Improve Employee Engagement to Achieve Exceptional Customer Experience

Fragmented processes, manual interventions, and lack of operational insight pose significant challenges for financial services employees trying to delight their customers with seamless, frictionless experiences. Financial services institutions must respond to the evolving needs of their employees by embarking on a journey from simplification to digitization and automation, so that they can deliver value to their customers, while increasing operational efficiencies, reducing operating risks, and fostering higher levels of interaction and integration. 

In this session, we discuss the benefits of Digital Intelligence, including: 

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of customers, staff, and the overall health of the business 
  • Leveraging automation technologies to reduce costs, increase impact, and serve customers in an easy and intuitive way 
  • Simplifying processes to reduce redundancy, inefficiency, and frustration in employees’ daily experiences 

ABBYY Expert Talk in German with KPMG: With Automation from Traditional to Digital Corporate Structures

Despite the economic downturn, the pandemic has further increased the urgency of making investments in Digital Transformation technologies. However, major challenges remain in operationalizing and prioritizing digitalization investments. This ABBYY Expert Talk focuses on best practices, innovative technologies and more related to Digital Transformation.

Transforming Operations to Drive Cost-Efficiency in Financial Services

Financial institutions are looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining their competitive advantage. Increasing competition, low interest rates and the corrosive effects of the coronavirus have culminated into a vicelike squeeze on already shrinking margins. To survive, banks must focus on taking a strategic approach to cost efficiency and effectiveness.
Digital Intelligence can help. It’s a simpler way to gain in-depth knowledge of how your processes work using all your data – including the unstructured data locked away in documents.

Register now for this webinar to learn how Digital Intelligence can enable financial institutions to reduce friction and simplify processes to serve customers in an easy and intuitive way, while creating opportunities for growth.

ABBYY Expert Talk in German:
Optimize your processes with a Digital Twin

This webinar provides you with a clear understanding of how you can build and leverage a Digital Twin to improve your business.

Make Your Document Processes Smarter with Cognitive Skills

Discover how our latest no code intelligent document processing platform, ABBYY Vantage, is changing the approach to document automation and accessibility. Learn how to create trained document models (skills) in a matter of minutes, and how to get started today by accessing pre-trained document skills from the new ABBYY Marketplace. Because of how easy it is to use, you don't need to be a developer to get started.

ABBYY Expert Talk in French:
Le fret digitalisé et automatisé : Transport et logistique sans frictions

Register for this webinar with Joël Glusman, expert in optimizing international logistics flows, to learn more about how to remove friction from shipping processes to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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