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How to take advantage of cloud computing powers for document conversion

Discover how to extend your document processing applications with cloud-computing powers to speed up digitization of archives, quickly implement flexible document-based workflows, and easily deploy various projects that depend on information extracted from business documents.

Join our webinar to learn how to implement cloud-based document digitization scenarios and leverage the powers of the cloud in your projects.

Mitigating Risk from LIBOR Contracts

The deadline to phase out LIBOR by the end of 2021 has not changed. 46% of financial services institutions say that they are not well prepared and 35% say that they are only somewhat prepared. Join us for this webinar to see a live demo of how AI technologies can be deployed to identify and remediate LIBOR contracts, to monitor and audit processes, and to gain key takeaways on how to lead your LIBOR transformation initiatives.

ABBYY Expert Talks in French: Digital Intelligence – La clé de l’assurance de demain ?

Yvon Moysan, a true expert in digital transformation and AI, will share different use cases with you - from customer service over fraud detection to process automation, in order to show you how AI can revolutionize the insurance sector.

FineReader PDF as a powerful Adobe® Acrobat® Alternative (EN)

Join our webinar to learn about what makes ABBYY FineReader PDF a powerful replacement to Adobe® Acrobat® and the benefits of switching now.

FineReader PDF as a powerful Adobe® Acrobat® Alternative (US)

Join our webinar to learn about what makes ABBYY FineReader PDF a powerful replacement to Adobe® Acrobat® and the benefits of switching now.

Why Data-Driven Process Discovery and Mining is Essential to Process Improvement

Join this webinar with NelsonHall’s Bailey Kong to learn how businesses can use process discovery and mining technologies to remove process bottlenecks and inefficiencies, save time and minimize risks associated with a lack of compliance. NelsonHall is a global analyst firm specializing in digital operations transformation and they recently released their 2020 NEAT Assessment for Process Discovery and Mining report to guide businesses in evaluating the process discovery and mining tools available in the market. This webinar further expounds on the report results and why they matter, followed by an ABBYY Process Intelligence demo.

ABBYY Expert Talks: New Techniques in Process Improvement | A Guide to Achieving Process Excellence during COVID and Beyond

Pen and paper-based value stream mapping (VSM) is the established tool for recording processes, identifying waste, and deriving recommendations for action. However, its application in the healthcare industry today requires a high level of effort and is challenging due to process complexity, variations, and siloed information. Compounding the problem, COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult for process improvement specialists to conduct in-person assessments and Kaizen events.

Webinar in German: Künstliche Intelligenz und Digitalisierung im Post-Corona-Banking

This webinar is all about the major fields of action of banks in the “post-COVID era”. Learn more about the effects of COVID-19 on organizational processes and customer communication in the banking sector – and the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, digitized processes and Cloudification that can ensure business continuity in the form of "post-Corona banking practices".

ABBYY Expert Talks: How to reduce denials & streamline your revenue cycle processes while working from home

Enterprise policies are in place for all schedulers to collect, enter and verify patient and insurance information at point of scheduling, but these processes are not always followed.

With patient and insurance information making up to 55 percent of the data on claims, and hospital programs requiring accurate patient information, these policies are crucial in ensuring providers are managing their data collection process effectively, which will lead to a reduction in denials.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Chartis on how we’re working together and using ABBYY Timeline’s unique Process Intelligence capabilities.

ABBYY Expert Talks: Digital Strategies for Banks to Thrive in Today’s Crisis and Beyond - European edition

Overwhelmed with emergency-driven exceptions in both business and consumer lending, financial institutions are facing unprecedented challenges, which are forcing bankers to take a critical look at their Digital Transformation priorities. Join this ABBYY Expert Talk to hear Forrester’s Jacob Morgan speak about their latest findings on digital banking amidst the pandemic, as well as real-life use cases of how banks are managing transactions with a remote workforce, and learn how Digital Intelligence can tackle current challenges.

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