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Meet today's challenges head on! Explore timely topics in today’s changing business environment—process discovery & analysis, enhancing the digital workforce, data capture, AI, NLP, machine learning and more.

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How Automation CoEs are Realizing Value with Data Driven Process Optimization

Organizations often struggle with where to start automation projects and how to quantify the value of an RPA project. ABBYY's Process Intelligence platform delivers that end-to-end system view that provides insight into sources of friction and where the greatest impact of automation resides. This session will outline how a large Pharmaceutical Automation CoE is using ABBYY’s Process Intelligence platform and a proven methodology to build a roadmap for rapid automation across their enterprise utilizing Blue Prism Digital Workers. It also features a demo of Process Intelligence for RPA.

How to take advantage of cloud computing powers for document conversion

Discover how to extend your document processing applications with cloud-computing powers to speed up digitization of archives, quickly implement flexible document-based workflows, and easily deploy various projects that depend on information extracted from business documents.

Join our webinar to learn how to implement cloud-based document digitization scenarios and leverage the powers of the cloud in your projects.

Mitigating Risk from LIBOR Contracts

The deadline to phase out LIBOR by the end of 2021 has not changed. 46% of financial services institutions say that they are not well prepared and 35% say that they are only somewhat prepared. Join us for this webinar to see a live demo of how AI technologies can be deployed to identify and remediate LIBOR contracts, to monitor and audit processes, and to gain key takeaways on how to lead your LIBOR transformation initiatives.

ABBYY Expert Talk in French
Digital Intelligence – La clé de l’assurance de demain ?

Yvon Moysan, a true expert in digital transformation and AI, will share different use cases with you - from customer service over fraud detection to process automation, in order to show you how AI can revolutionize the insurance sector.

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