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Transform onboarding experiences – Strengthen customer loyalty with connected mobile touchpoints

Discover how connecting intuitive mobile touchpoints with cloud-based, AI-enabled back-end processes can create a personalized and valuable customer experience.

How to work with images in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Learn more about the important role of image pre-processing in the OCR process. Receive an overview of the different tools and parameters ABBYY FineReader Engine offers to reach optimal recognition results – even on images with very low quality. See how to quickly adjust and use the provided code sample to create a test applications with different settings.

French webinar : Comment permettre à vos clients d’améliorer leurs processus métier et d’augmenter leur ROI

Nowadays your customers' processes are becoming more and more complex, with an increasingly uncontrolled management. This risks the loss of information and causes a loss of business revenue.

In order to respond to this problem, ABBYY Process Intelligence makes it possible to understand and adjust the overall processes of companies, to implement the RPA process and others in an efficient manner as well as to guarantee their compliance.

This webinar will show you how you can better orchestrate your customers' processes using our ABBYY Timeline solution.

Conquer Your Document Challenges with ABBYY FineReader 15 – comprehensive PDF software with integrated OCR

In addition to PDFs, every legal professional has to contend with paper documents and their copies on a daily basis. In this free webinar jointly organized by Legal Tech Media Group and ABBYY, we demonstrate step by step how FineReader - a comprehensive PDF software with integrated OCR - can help improve daily work with legal documents including e-filing, e-discovery, archiving, file conversion, and much more.

French Webinar : Process Intelligence - Une solution complète pour une véritable transformation des processus métier

Discover ABBYY Timeline, the next generation Process Intelligence solution, and learn how you can use Process Intelligence to leverage data from your IT systems in order to gain full visibility of your processes, highlight improvement opportunities, monitor them and ensure their continuous excellence.

French Webinar : Comment embarquer FlexiCapture Cloud dans votre solution

In our French webinar on FlexiCapture Cloud you will learn how to extend your ISV business with this Digital IQ solution. Discover all relevant technology components, learn how to set up FlexiCapture Cloud and get more information on APIs.

How to get started with ABBYY FineReader Engine

The AI-powered developer toolkit ABBYY FineReader Engine enhances your applications with excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data extraction functionalities. Join our technical webinar to save time and get started with FineReader Engine the easiest way possible: Get a guided tour through documentation and licensing, see a live demo of the installation process, and learn more about code samples, tutorials, best practices, and more.

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