System Requirements

Operating Systems

The Mobile Imaging SDK is a cross-platform technology and supports the following operating systems:

Memory requirements

For iOS devices, it requires no more than 3 MB of memory.

For Android devices, it requires 8 MB.

Note: The library can be stored either in ROM or in RAM depending on the specific device.

Supported Image Formats


ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK processes images in JPEG format.


Input JPEG files can be saved as JPEG, PNG, or a single-page PDF file. A batch of images can be saved as a batch of JPEG or PNG files, or one multi-page PDF file.

List of All Imaging Functions


  1. Motion Blur and Defocus Detector

  1. Glare Detector

  1. Noise detector


  1. Black-and-white document

  1. Business card

  1. Color document

  1. Light-on-dark document

  1. Receipt

  1. Spy shot

  1. Stamped paper

  1. Street shot

Visual quality Enhancement

  1. Manual brightness/contrast adjustment

  1. Auto brightness/contrast

  1. Auto enhancement

  1. Auto cropping / Edge detection (Recognize  edges)

  1. Binarization

  1. Clean background

  1. Gray scaling

  1. Manual crop

  1. Noise removal

  1. Heavy cleanup

  1. Inversion

  1. Rotation

  1. Fixed rotation

  1. Sharpening

  1. Perspective correction

  1. Whitepaper


The detailed description of all functions is available here.

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