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Faster Time to Market for Carlsberg’s
World-Class Breweries with ABBYY

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Faster Time to Market for Carlsberg’s
World-Class Breweries with ABBYY

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Customer Overview

Name Carlsberg Group
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Industry Breweries

Carlsberg Group, one of the world’s leading brewery groups, was looking for an intelligent solution for its order and delivery processes to accelerate time to market and customer satisfaction. Leveraging ABBYY’s intelligent document processing (IDP) platform, the Carlsberg Group digitally transformed its order and delivery processes.


Employees had to manually enter information from incoming email orders into their system


ABBYY intelligent document processing technology automatically captures data from incoming orders


Touchless order processing rate of 92%; 140+ hours saved per month

ABBYY has been instrumental to our execution excellence strategy and enabling us to digitally master our data and processes.
Kamil Kropaczewski, Business Owner at Carlsberg


Carlsberg receives many orders through email. Previously, employees were checking and entering this order information manually into their system. The delivery registration process for the goods was also highly manual, with files being typed manually into SAP before the goods receipt document was generated and posted.


ABBYY IDP technology was deployed globally in the order process, allowing Carlsberg to automatically capture incoming orders by mail and transfer the data immediately into the company’s SAP system. This significantly reduced manual work.

By integrating ABBYY’s IDP solution in the delivery note scanning process, the whole registration process is now performed automatically. The process of receiving and putting away received goods and reusing vendor labels has significantly accelerated and now enables Carlsberg to have a better overview of the entire delivery process.


    • Improved team productivity with 140+ hours saved per month
    • Intelligent automation with a touchless order processing rate of 92%
    • Accelerated customer deliveries, resulting in improved customer satisfaction

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