Insurance process transformation

Identify process bottlenecks, automate document handling, make your customers smile.

Digital transformation has changed the playing field in insurance, revolutionizing customer relationships with new technology experiences. Yet, insurers struggle with identifying the best opportunities for automation to compete for customer experience.

While the insurance industry, by and large, is document-driven, few insurers have fully automated their handling of the essential documents used in onboarding, policy underwriting, claims, adjudication, and compliance – putting their ability to deliver competitive customer experience at risk. RPA and other automation technologies have gained visibility in the insurance sector, but they are struggling to deliver on their promise. Understanding document-driven processes is the first step to making automation work for them.

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Accelerating Digital Agility in Insurance

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Insurance processing challenges ABBYY can solve:

  • You want to target automation where it makes a difference.
  • Your processes are not efficient, and you’re not sure why.
  • You struggle to compete with your competitors who are using new information capture technologies to change customer experience.
  • You have invested heavily in Robotic Process Automation, but it is not delivering the results it promised.
  • You want to deliver consistently on customer and operational SLAs.
  • You want confidence in meeting document-related regulatory requirements.
  • Your old, manual document processes are contributing to customer dissatisfaction and attrition – especially with new, younger markets.

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Data is the fuel of business processes

It’s the data that’s contained within documents, particularly unstructured ones like emails, contracts, policies, and correspondence, as well as structured documents, that is generally required to initiate a business process. And the quicker, more accurately, and consistently that content arrives in the right place to start the right process, the more able you are to respond to your customers quickly, onboard new ones, and redefine your overall customer experience.

Intelligent Document Processing is a modern approach to automating document-driven processes. With RPA and BPM introducing new possibilities for automating repetitive, error-prone processes, the ability to transform documents into targeted, easy-to-consume data, has never been more relevant than now. But improvement begins with gaining a true understanding of what’s going on inside your processes.

The ABBYY approach to intelligent automation:

See how we address your organizational needs: 

ABBYY solutions for insurance processes

Features 126B3 55X55

Features 126B3 55X55

Process discovery, analysis, monitoring, and prediction

See your processes as living in real time and discover where bottlenecks occur, where repetition happens, where data is missing, and where automation is working or not. See the flow of documents and their data through your processes, identifying exactly where automation and Intelligent Document Processing can make the biggest impact.

Features 245Lb3 55X55

Features 245Lb3 55X55

Capture documents as they enter your processes

Automatically capture and process documents coming into any insurance process, such as customer onboarding, underwriting, policy analysis, reinsurance, claims, subrogation, legal disputes, and regulatory compliance. Seamlessly process documents coming in from all sources, including web portals, mobile phones, email, file transfers, and scans—exactly as your customers provide them to your organization through apps, portals, email, or messages.

Features 270Lb3 55X55

Features 270Lb3 55X55

Convert scanned paper, images, and PDFS to editable documents

Paper-based and electronic documents can be quickly and accurately converted to editable formats and clean data for downstream processes.

Features 264B3 55X55

Features 264B3 55X55

Fuel your systems with process-ready data from documents

Content-enable your systems of record/engagement (Pega, Appian) with connectors based on best practices in the insurance industry.



Create a high-volume, searchable archive

We provide a powerful, enterprise platform for centralized and distributed conversion of high-volumes of paper or image-original documents into searchable archives and repositories.



Review process performance in real time to exceed SLAs

Use real-time process monitoring to measure the success of automation and ensure you’re meeting, or exceeding, agreed-upon response times for customer service.



Make your digital workers more effective

Simply add specific skills to your digital workforce to automate document processing as needed to make RPA and BPM applications smarter, faster, and more effective.



Optimize and improve complex document review

Our advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology unearths valuable facts from unstructured documents, reducing time and effort while mitigating risks of missing critical data during review.



Process high volumes of forms, invoices, and other documents

ABBYY’s scalable solution automates and accelerates the processing of high volumes of various document types, classifying them, extracting valuable indexes, and exporting them as searchable files into business applications or archives.


  • Gain new insight into core, customer-facing processes and identify opportunities for real efficiency gains
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Outperform your competition
  • Measure processes for continuous improvement
  • Reduce processing costs and time
  • Respond to customers quicker and more effectively
  • Get better results from your automation initiatives

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