Solutions for Service Providers (BPO)

Expedite and automate BPO operations with strategically implemented Intelligent Document Processing.

Efficiency gains come easy when you use the right technology to automate the right processes. ABBYY’s approach to helping BPOs improve data quality, expedite processing, and provide rapid response times to customers begins with understanding the way their processes are working. We identify process bottlenecks, pinpoint areas for improvement, and then implement intelligent document processing automation that enables BPOs to provide powerful end-to-end business solutions that increase efficiency and accuracy for clients.

How BPOs leverage ABBYY solutions

Optimization of standard business processes

ABBYY solutions are scalable and can be applied cost-effectively across a variety of business processes:

  • Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Payroll reporting and printing
  • HR administration and recruiting
  • Customer service and support
  • Customer experience management
  • Document management
  • Scanning and archiving tasks

Complex document processing

ABBYY’s Intelligent Document Processing technologies process complex structured and unstructured documents with industry-specific requirements:

  • Industry-specific documents and processes such as claims, invoices, applications, electronic health records, shipping documents, etc.
  • Document analysis for controlling information governance and business intelligence.
  • Management of customer communications such as billing reminders, e-commerce notices, or loyalty program updates.

Smart solutions that help service providers optimize processes

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Automate the right processes with the right technology

Automatically analyze all process instances and detect behaviors that may be beneficial or detrimental to operations. Identify the points in the process where automation and intelligent document processing can make the biggest impact.


Make your robotic process automation more productive

Make your digital robots smarter by adding specific skills to automated capture capabilities as needed inside of processes. Leverage OCR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in your process offerings to make RPA and BPM applications smarter, faster, and more effective.


Eliminate manual processes

Capture large volumes of content from any input source. Capture, index, extract, and route process-ready information without the need for human intervention, eliminating manual activities and their associated time, cost, and errors.


Minimize process friction

Automatically extract data from different document types in a single stream with speed and accuracy to eliminate time-consuming and unnecessary document processing activities.


Meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Reliable, automated, 24/7 intelligent document processing improves the accuracy of extracted data to help speed processing, enable fast response times, and meet SLAs.


Benefits of Robotic Information Capture (RIC)

RIC solutions create new innovative advantages for BPOs, allowing them to build expertise and train internal AI for specific use cases.

Key features for BPOs



Visualize your processes in near real-time

Recreate end-to-end processes and animate process flow using a Schema Analysis to present potential bottlenecks or slowed processing points… independent of your technology mix.



Capture content from any location

Extract valuable, detailed information from documents entering your organization from anywhere in the world at any time – regardless of source and type.



Advanced recognition technologies

Enterprise-class, advanced recognition technologies can capture all types of text, including machine print and handwriting in more than 140 languages.



Platform integration

Seamlessly integrate into existing Robotic Process Automation and workflow platforms and process components to get better results from automation.



Affordable automation

Automated document separation, classification, and powerful forms processing automatically extracts information from even the most complicated documents.



Regulatory compliance

Our compliance framework allows you to trace and audit the acquisition of data to ensure that your processing meets local and global regulatory requirements.

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