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Our Values

At ABBYY, our success is built upon a foundation of shared values that define who we are and how we operate as a team. Our commitment to these values is not just a statement; it's a way of life within our organization. These values serve as the compass that guides our actions, decisions, and interactions every day.


Aspire to make things simple, there's beauty in being able to explain and understand easily.


We trust our colleagues with knowledge and information. We know that leading with transparency drives team effort and engagement.


Above all, we show respect. We are kind to our teammates, respect others' opinions, and we listen.
ABBYY’s vision is to be the leader in powering intelligent automation. This requires a very strong commitment to strategy execution, business plans, revenue growth, profitability, and other targets. But that only takes us so far. Our greatest advantage is our employees who turn ideas and plans into real achievements. By putting people first, we aim to be a great employer where people can grow professionally as well as personally.

Ulf Persson, CEO of ABBYY Group and Board Director

Our Guiding Principles
Our commitment to excellence goes beyond our team values; it extends to the principles that guide our everyday actions and decisions. These principles are the compass that directs us towards achieving our goals while upholding the highest standards of integrity, collaboration, and customer-centricity
Think like a customer
Do the right thing
Be a team player
Diversity & Inclusion
Building a workforce that reflects the world
Challenging the gender gap in the tech industry
Empowering our colleagues
Flexibility for every lifestyle
Nurturing inclusivity and integrity
Celebrating our wins, while striving for better

There is richness in variety of our collective experiences, history, backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives – those can all thrive within one community, even if that community is organized around a business purpose.

As most successful businesses, we strive to build our product in a way such that we can differentiate it and better serve our customers; in order to do that, we need to be able to innovate – innovation is a function of challenge and non-linear thinking, which is in turn enabled by individuals who represent different perspectives. To hire and retain diverse talent, we need to offer an inclusive environment – a community where differences are celebrated, and where we can all feel like we belong. That’s our aspiration and vision for ABBYY.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

At ABBYY, environmental and social responsibility initiatives have been of vital importance for a long time. Not only do our products help hundreds of clients around the world reduce inefficiencies and improve their resource management practices, but we have also developed our own host initiatives to promote sustainability and social responsibility.
A tree planted for every deal closed
For each new customer deal, we donate a tree via One Tree Planted, planting over 2,000 trees in 2021.
Paid time off, for a worthy cause
Everyone gets two paid days annually to support causes they care about, contributing to over 40 causes last year.
On our path to becoming carbon-neutral
Starting 2023, we measure our travel carbon footprint, investing in offset programs.
Our ABBYY Summer Challenge
Annually, we host a global sports competition with charity donations for every kilometer our colleagues run, cycle, walk, or swim.

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