ABBYY FineReader Engine ABBYY FineReader Engine

The most comprehensive OCR SDK for software developers

Integrate AI-powered OCR features into your applications.

The software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine allows software developers to create applications that extract textual information from paper documents, images or displays. This AI-powered OCR SDK provides your application with excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data capture functionalities, enabling it to convert scans into searchable PDF, Word or Excel documents, and access data on photos or screenshots.

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Available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and embedded platforms. On premises or in the Cloud.


Highest OCR accuracy

Provide your customers with the outstanding OCR quality available in ABBYY FineReader. Leading providers of ECM systems, document imaging and capture solutions, RPA solutions, as well as scanner and MFP manufacturers trust ABBYY OCR technology.


Increased value

Expand your solutions. ABBYY FineReader Engine enables your software to convert TIFF libraries into PDF, PDF/A, Word or other formats, and accurately extract field values. Develop on Windows, Linux or Mac and offer your software in the Cloud or on VM platforms.


Faster time to market

Outperform your competition and get premium OCR solutions to the market quickly - with OCR toolkit’s powerful APIs. Easily integrate world-class OCR features with the help of pre-configured tools, parameters, code samples and other components.

Key features


Comprehensive set of recognition technologies

With OCR toolkit integration, applications can extract machine printed text in over 200 languages as well as hand printed text, optical marks and barcode values.


Powerful PDF processing tools

Versatile APIs allow processing many PDF types and converting scanned documents, TIFFs, JPEGs or image-only PDFs into different searchable PDF and PDF/A files.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI, ML and other advanced technologies provide outstanding recognition accuracy for multi-language documents and deliver searchable and editable documents that reflect their originals.

Webinar on-demand: How to take advantage of cloud computing powers for document conversion

Discover how to extend your document processing applications with cloud-computing powers to speed up digitization of archives, quickly implement flexible document-based workflows, and easily deploy various projects that depend on information extracted from business documents.

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ABBYY FineReader Engine - A comprehensive OCR SDK tool

Learn how the software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine can add value to your application.

Selected use cases


Content services, digital archiving, DMS, ECM

Let users of your systems easily find relevant information by turning documents into searchable and compressed PDF or PDF/A files that are available for electronic search and indexing.


Assistive software & education

Enable your solution for the visually impaired or children with learning disabilities to access text in documents, leaflets, schoolbooks, or screens to read it aloud to them.


Healthcare applications

Securely capture paper-based patient information such as doctor notes or treatment plans directly into your electronic health record and hospital management platforms (EHR, HIMS).


Software for legal sector firms, banks and insurance companies

Integrate automated document capture into your software for legal sector firms, banks and insurance companies to speed up processing of legal documents, mortgage applications or insurance claims.


Search, eDiscovery and data analysis

Enable search engines and data analysis tools to detect important information hidden in scans and images by transforming them into electronically searchable and accessible files.


Machine vision and test automation

Allow your machine vision system to capture textual information on photos, screens, displays, touch devices and infotainment systems and automate testing and quality control processes.


Data leak prevention

Implement automated content screening for outgoing e-mail-attachments such as scans, photos and other image files to detect possible breaches of confidentiality.


Robotic Process Automation

Add screen scraping and automated extraction of screenshot information to your applications for Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Management.

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Customer stories

Volkswagen Corporation integrated ABBYY multi-lingual OCR in their machine vision system to automatically test their car infotainment systems.

Canon has integrated ABBYY text recognition into their own document management systems to create searchable documents during the scanning process.

Athenahealth, a US-based service provider for healthcare institutions, utilizes ABBYY OCR to digitize millions of pages weekly, driving efficient patient care.

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