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Comprehensive set of recognition technologies

For the actual text recognition step, ABBYY FineReader Engine offers a comprehensive set of recognition technologies. The provided technologies include recognition of machine-printed texts (OCR), hand-printed texts (ICR), and recognition of barcodes (OBR). As a market leader, ABBYY offers the highest number of OCR languages, which can be individually combined. See below the list of available technologies and processing options.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR)
Accurate recognition mode
Fast recognition mode

Full text recognition & field-level recognition

In general, two types of recognition are possible: full text and field-level recognition. Full text recognition is used for document conversion and usually includes usage of OCR technology. Field-level recognition is used to extract particular data and includes usage of OCR, ICR and other technologies.

The following table shows the differences:

Specification Full text recognition Field-level recognition
Used for: Document conversion, books archiving Data capture / Data extraction
Document analysis: General document analysis, document analysis for invoices, document analysis for full-text indexing Manual blocks specification for field-level recognition
Recognition technologies: OCR with up to 99% accuracy OCR, ICR, OMR, Barcodes recognition with predefined data types and values range. 99.99% accurate
Verification: Recommended (for content reuse) Obligatory (as accuracy is a critical issue in most cases)
Synthesis: Used for document reconstruction Not used
Export format: Document files (RTF, DOC, PDF, etc.) Export to XML file or database
Full text recognition
Field-level recognition
User languages
Pattern training

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