Customer Onboarding

Transform your mobile customer experiences.

ABBYY Mobile Solutions enable enterprises to effectively provide a smooth customer onboarding experience. In a digital transformative landscape, enterprises need to meet their customers’ expectations by offering frictionless, accurate and accessible ways to submit and exchange personal data in KYC scenarios, to decrease customer churn and to increase customer retention within the first stages of the onboarding journey.

Seamless customer experience with innovative mobile solutions

mobile onboarding

Boost customer retention rates

Provide innovative apps that allow your customers to easily submit trailing documents and communicate with your brand to complete transactions within the onboarding process.

mobile document capture

Improve customer experience

Simplify your mobile customer interactions by letting customers focus their smartphone’s camera on payment slips, invoices or other documents, and capturing information directly into the fields of your mobile app or back end systems for further processing.

mobile recognition

Increase customer growth

Achieve higher completion rates for onboarding scenarios by enabling customers to simply point their mobile device’s camera at ID cards, passports or other identification documents.

Transforming customer interactions
in a mobile-centric market

client mobile onboarding

Customer registration

Enhance your customer growth by gaining your customers’ loyalty within the first stages of the onboarding process. Provide a simple and easy solution for customers to open an account and meet them in their preferred channel with accurate results and requiring minimal steps.

mobile data capture

Customer self-sevice

Increase your customer retention by providing your customers with a seamless experience to complete the onboarding process. Provide a simple and easy process for the end user to capture and deliver trailing documents using their mobile device.

Customer stories

Sberbank customers pay bills via mobile app based on ABBYY technologies

Europe’s third largest bank allows corporate customers to pay paper bills using bank’s own app on their mobile devices.

McDonald’s relies on ABBYY OCR technology to power mobile app

During 2015 FIFA World Cup McDonald’s Germany used cloud OCR to digitize promo codes sent via mobile app.


DBS Bank accelerates the loan application process via a mobile app integrating OCR technology.

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