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ABBYY Technology Alliance Partners.

Hyperautomation is more than just one set of technologies or services. ABBYY has built an expansive ecosystem of Technology Alliance Partners that add powerful value to our Digital Intelligence platform, creating advanced cognitive Skills for the enterprise. Together, we deliver Hyperautomation at scale.

Neil Murphy, VP of Global Business Development, ABBYY

Elite Technology Alliance Partners

Elite Technology Alliance Partners are global market leaders in their industries and collaborate closely with ABBYY in providing a powerful joint value proposition that has been proven to deliver automation at global scale. Together we develop and market skills that increase the Digital Intelligence of tomorrows enterprises.

Premium Technology Alliance Partners

Premium Technology Alliance Partners help drive automation initiatives alongside ABBYY on a global or regional level. Partners in this tier have strategic integrations with ABBYY’s platform or utilize ABBYY technology as part of their client services that deliver significant value to enterprise organizations.

Access Technology Alliance Partners

Partners in the Access tier provide key solutions that help drive the overall Hyperautomation ecosystem. Partners in this tier provide integrations into ABBYY’s platform or deliver client services utilizing ABBYY technology.

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