Automated forms processing

Reduce manual processing costs by automating data capture from any kind of forms.

ABBYY capture solution transforms streams of forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. Information can be extracted from data fields, converted to electronic format and delivered to business processes by using intelligent classification, OCR, ICR and barcode recognition technologies.

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forms processing

Accelerate processes

Reduce the time for reading, processing and transferring data to the workflow process.

forms processing

Reduce processing costs

Eliminate costly, timely consuming and error prone manual data entry.

forms processing

Increase business efficiency

Simplify daily processing operations and improve data extraction quality.

How automated forms processing works

See how it addresses your organizational needs:


ABBYY capture solution automatically extracts data and processes any kind of forms: paper or digital documents, hand-printed or machine printed, with the same, similar or different layout, structured or semi-structured.

Cross-industry documents



Purchase orders, invoices, accounts receivables, delivery dockets.

Customer service

Customer service

Satisfaction questionnaires, feedback surveys, receipts.

Human resources

Human resources

Time cards, payrolls, pledge forms.

Industry-specific documents


Banking and finance

Mortgage and loans, account opening forms, credit card applications, ID cards.



Claim forms, explanations of benefits, accounts receivables, declarations.



Patient records, registration forms, donation forms, prescriptions.



Examinations and tests, school transcripts, students’ surveys.



Tax declarations, census forms, social applications, voting ballots.


Transportation and logistics

Shipping documents, proofs of delivery, custom documents.

Customer stories

BPO e-docs UK helps NFT Distribution to handle more than 100,000 PODs every week implementing an automated capture solution.

Project Orbis International improved costly processing of donation forms and saved 30% of time on data input.

A large Malaysian bank – and Fujitsu Xerox client – reduced loan approval time by 25% and processes 1.5 million pages monthly.

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