Intelligent Process Automation

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What is Intelligent Process Automation?

Intelligent Process Automation combines artificial intelligence technologies with automation to enable organizations to respond to the real-time requirements of their customers and business. Tools such as Intelligent Document Processing, task and processing mining, and predictive analytics provide new approaches to helping businesses gain greater control over business operations and find much simpler ways to automate and improve processes and decision making.

Why use Intelligent Process Automation

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Respond to changing requirements

Before you can automate or improve your processes, you must understand them. Intelligent Process Automation provides the tools to gain a full understanding of your business processes and the data that drives them. This insight is what enables you to drive down operating costs or speed up cycle times as needed.

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Get more value from your business content

Over 80 percent of business processes are document-centric, according to Gartner. Content is the fuel of business processes—but most of it is locked in documents. Intelligent Document Processing gives you the key to unlock that data and use it as your competitive advantage in performance and understanding.

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Ensure your processes perform, today and tomorrow

Process and task mining tools provide detailed data about business processes that shows where they are working and where time and money are being wasted. This insight enables businesses to perfect process performance and optimize the use of resources. Predictive analytics make decision-making about technology investments easy.

ABBYY Intelligent Process Automation...

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Processes any type of document with up to 99% accuracy

Saves businesses millions of dollars in process analysis

How ABBYY Intelligent Process Automation works:

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Market-leading artificial intelligence technologies

ABBYY applies AI to process mining and document processing to give organizations complete visibility and control over their processes and the data that drives them. ABBYY has extensive technology leadership in the IPA market with more than 400 patents and patent applications.

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Revolutionizing Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

ABBYY Vantage applies AI to understand your documents in a fast and simple way. Using pre-built document skills, Vantage enables straight-through document processing by making human-like decisions about documents, regardless of their structure, size, or complexity. The ABBYY Marketplace holds a library of Vantage document skills for Financial Services, Insurance, Finance & Accounting, and more. Simply show us your document, select a skill, and get started processing immediately—no coding required.

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Transform your processes with Process Intelligence

ABBYY Timeline is a cloud-based process mining platform featuring advanced process discovery, analysis, monitoring, and task mining. It uses the latest AI to enable enterprises to automatically build an interactive digital twin of their business processes, revealing inefficiencies and process bottlenecks. With this insight, they can apply automation where it will have the greatest impact and predict future outcomes.

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Looking to automate document processes in Financial Services?

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Intelligent Process Automation can be utilized in a wide variety of industries. If there is a process that needs to be improved or a document that needs to be processed, Intelligent Process Automation can help.

Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

IPA is used to improve process performance and profitability in customer onboarding, trade finance, and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

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IPA is used to reduce manual tasks in insurance processes such as claims processing, policy administration, and forms processing.

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IPA is used to improve the patient experience in processes like scheduling, billing, and patient registration.

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Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Shippers and supply chain organizations use Intelligent Process Automation for data entry, order management, and invoice processing.

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IPA frequently asked questions:

IDC defines Intelligent Process Automation as "a collection of software tools and platforms used to simplify, automate, and manage processes and to coordinate, connect, and control distributed processes."

ABBYY customers who have implemented ABBYY Intelligent Process Automation technologies have seen results like 85 percent faster reporting, 30 percent shorter cycle time, document processing throughput increased by 5 times, and up to 95 percent of document processing automated.

While robotic process automation does use technology to automate simple tasks, Intelligent Process Automation expands automation further. For example: With RPA, you could employ a robot to perform a task such as data entry. But with IPA, you could use process discovery to determine more opportunities to use robots, and then you could upskill the robots to be able to understand the data that’s in documents and process it intelligently.

No, IPA complements the work of human resources. Tasks like finding and extracting data from physical documents are automated by RPA and Intelligent Document Processing, but this doesn’t mean that employees no longer have a role. Automating these processes frees them to focus on more stimulating and value-adding tasks like building relationships with customers, analyzing data for new opportunities, and creative problem-solving.

IPA does not require a significant infrastructure investment upfront. Getting started can happen in a matter of weeks. Cloud-based process mining platforms like ABBYY Timeline and document processing platforms like ABBYY Vantage are ready to use when you’re ready.

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