ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices

Streamline Accounts Payable

Increase efficiency and reduce
the costs of invoice processing.

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices is a turnkey invoice capture application that reduces inefficiencies, errors, and costs associated with manual invoice processing by eliminating data entry and the physical handling of paper. FlexiCapture facilitates the early capture of invoices, centralized extraction and validation of data, and straight-through processing of PO-based invoices.

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Efficiency gains

Realize more than a 400% increase in number of invoices an employee can process manually, and 30% less time responding in inquiries.

Reduced costs

Reduce the costs by 5-10 times compared to manual processing.

Faster cycle time

Decrease invoice cycle time (receipt to payment) to 5 days or shorter, nurture supplier relationships, and take advantage of early payment discounts.

Key features

Out-of-the-box automated invoice processing

Ready to use and flexible

Automate invoice processing almost immediately—without a long or difficult deployment. The solution is pre-configured to identify required data fields, and out-of-the-box settings are easy to adjust to the unique rules of the business. FlexiCapture for Invoices is available in the cloud or on premise.

Process paper and digital invoices with multi-channel input

Multi-channel input

Automatically import invoices received by email and fax, invoices captured by mobile devices, and facilitate scanning of paper invoices. Web-based and mobile scanning clients allow the organization to establish points of capture everywhere invoices may enter the organization.

Automated invoice validation

Purchase order matching

Invoices issued against purchase orders are automatically validated against the order information in the purchasing system. The automated matching results can be reviewed and validated by the accountant.

Accurate invoice data extraction and verification

Best-in-class accuracy

Leverage ABBYY’s award-winning, AI-driven recognition neural networks and machine learning technologies to provide unparalleled accuracy. FlexiCapture for Invoices can locate invoice data within the most complex documents through multiple approaches of functionality.

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See key data identified and extracted by ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices. Click on any of the empty fields to get its value or click on EXTRACT DATA to capture all of the fields.

MeanQ Corporation
Alpha-Betta International GmbH,
c/o Alpa-Betta Co LLC, Accounts Payable,
PO Box 14508, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63178, USA
Attn: Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
Catalog No. H00005076-M01 H00051232-M01 H00093974-M01
Ordered Qty 1.000 1.000 1.000
Shipped Qty 1.000 1.000 1.000
U/M 100ug(B01) 100ug(B01) 100ug(B01)
Amount 160.00 160.00 160.00
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ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices overview

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Transform your Accounts Payable focus from routine tasks to strategic operations:


ABBYY invoice processing
ABBYY invoice processing
ABBYY invoice processing

Customer stories

PAPCO streamlined the approval process and reduced invoice-processing times by 6 man-hours a day, saving $30,000 annually.

Paysafe Group automates invoice processing and classification of credit card documents, improving its customer service by speeding up the transaction process.

Modern Singapore healthcare facility streamlined invoice processing from 2,000 invoices per day to 700 invoices per hour.

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