Fast-track logistics processes with artificial intelligence

Our purpose-built AI solutions reduce delays while ensuring transparency, accuracy, and efficiency when processing shipping documents.

Get the data from documents where it needs to be, on time and error free

Faulty information at any point in the freight forwarding process can stop a shipment, waste precious fuel, cause demurrage charges, and delay delivery. The level of speed, accuracy, and transparency with which your processes move data can be a key accelerator—or key roadblock—for performance, scalability, flexibility, and customer satisfaction.

ABBYY helps you extract all information from shipping documents accurately, with instant verification at every clearance and with every stakeholder along the itinerary. If clearances are interrupted, we help you identify where and why, helping prioritize situations that need the most urgent attention.

Keep data flowing smoothly through freight forwarding processes


Extract valuable information at the point of entry
Automatically capture, classify, extract, and validate content from a wide variety of document types, languages, and formats—anywhere, anytime.
Remove friction from processes
Minimize human intervention by automatically routing process-ready information through transportation management, fleet management, customs automation systems, and more.
Leverage ready-to-use document processing skills
Access pre-trained extraction models for out-of-the-box capabilities to enhance time-to-value, speed, and accuracy.
Improve customer interactions
Have information at your fingertips to update shipping status, resolve issues, make change requests, obtain approvals, and utilize data for analysis and optimization of processes.
Meet compliance requirements
Trace and audit the acquisition of data to ensure processing meets ever-changing local and global regulatory requirements.
Gain valuable process insights
Increase transparency and visibility into transportation processes and the vast amount of data flowing throughout various systems. Analyze and adjust where most impactful.
Tap into comprehensive consultancy
Receive guidance from ABBYY support and services during implementation and in production.
Use customized document skills out of the box
Access pre-trained document processing skills tailored to a variety of business processes, with minimal coding required.
Implement process standardization
Standardize business processes for all internal customers on one shared platform.

Keep shipments moving



Global Intelligent Document Processing Trends & Outcomes Report

Download report

Global Intelligent Document Processing Trends & Outcomes Report

Download report

Supply chain automation—customer scenarios


Capture technical documentation on vehicles
Extract detailed information for processing and digital archiving of all necessary documents for trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, containers, and their individual components.
Manage complex scheduling and logistics
Process data from any document, in any language, within the freight forwarding process. Validate captured data against existing databases, business rules, and SLAs to ensure integrity.
Speed up processing of customs forms
Automatically extract tariff and manifest information for every line item in a shipment, and automatically export data for filing via electronic customs and security systems such as the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Automated Broker Interface (ABI) for USA customs, or Import Control System (ICS) for the European Union.
Automate fleet expense management
Enhance processing and payment of expenses that occur on the road—fuel receipts, maintenance and repair receipts, travel expense receipts, invoices, etc.
Improve driver workflow and communications
Augment fleet management solutions through instant communication between drivers and terminals, enabling drivers to capture important delivery documents with mobile or in-cab scanning devices and feed the data directly into the central transportation management system (TMS) for invoicing.
Track shipment deliveries
Immediately capture and verify accurate information from shipping instructions, waybills, receipts, proofs of delivery, and purchase orders with a mobile device.
Digitize processing of dangerous goods declarations (DGD)
Provide accessible data for matching against regulations, against dangerous goods requests, properly packaging and loading hazardous cargo, preparing additional documentation such as NOTOC, etc.
Expedite freight audit and payments
Capture invoice data with line items via mobile cameras and automatically match them to POs, packing slips, and PODs for validation, invoicing of clients, and payment to shippers.
Automate proof of delivery (POD) data
Capture detailed delivery information from receipts and signed bills of lading via mobile devices at the point of origination for faster invoicing to reduce DSOs.
Optimize warehouse and inventory management
Accurately extract data from packing lists, purchase orders, shipping labels, certificates of origin, waybills, etc., to record and track incoming and outgoing goods, reduce errors, and optimize inventory management.

Process shipping documents accurately with intelligent document processing

ABBYY puts your information to work with faster, more accurate processing of commercial invoices, packing lists, letters of instruction, certificates of origin, and more.
Get started today with pre-trained document skills
Minimal coding necessary
Built-in continuous improvement
Process any document with AI document processing skills

Clay Lacy Aviation Operating Efficiency Takes Off


increase in efficiency


content accuracy


paperless operations

“We have experienced significant improvements in operating efficiency with ABBYY. Staff devoted to invoice intake has reduced by 90%, and error rates of 3-4% are now near zero thanks to the software.”

Intelligent Document Processing in Transportation & Logistics: Use Cases

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For Logistics Providers, the Time to Act on Artificial Intelligence Is Now

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Intelligent Document Processing in Transportation & Logistics: Use Cases

Download eBook

For Logistics Providers, the Time to Act on Artificial Intelligence Is Now

Read the article

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