Intelligent Document Processing in Transportation & Logistics: Use Cases

Discover the most rewarding use cases for IDP in transportation and logistics

The data inside of shipping documents represents a wealth of information…but you can only capitalize on that data when it’s visible, accessible, and able to inform action.

With 30 years of experience processing tens of billions of pages for customers globally, ABBYY is not new to addressing the real-word challenges of our customers with AI-based technology. Today, with an online marketplace of ready-to-go, pre-trained document skills, our customers are discovering more and more use cases for quickly extracting value from intelligent document processing solutions.

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This ebook shares 10+ use cases for implementing IDP in transportation and logistics processes to eliminate hundreds of hours of manual work, reply to supplier queries 60% faster, increase process efficiency by 70%, ensure compliance with regulations, and expedite documentation handling on millions of documents in use cases such as

    • Freight forwarding
    • Customs clearance
    • Shipment tracking
    • Inventory management
    • Expense management

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