Reimagine Your Accounts Payable Department

Use smart automation to speed invoice processing and do more with less.

The transactional processes that support Accounts Payable departments are the most prime activities for automation in Finance & Accounting, according to recent research. Sixty-five percent of invoices still arrive on paper or via email and printed, leaving ample opportunity for modernization and process improvement using today’s smart technologies.

Inefficiencies in AP are widespread… but they don’t have to be

Process inefficiencies in Accounts Payable affect both the AP and the Finance functions, from too-long invoice cycle time to an abundance of errors, lack of visibility, high costs, regulatory risk, and a lack of control over liabilities. Most, if not all, of these challenges can be solved with intelligent automation of invoice and financial documents processing.

Real-life results of Accounts Payable automation

03A Employee Productivity


in employee productivity


less time responding
to inquiries

03B Invoice Processing Costs


lower invoice
processing costs


fewer late payments

03C Invoice Processing Time


faster invoice
processing time

Raise the Digital Intelligence of your AP department

ABBYY takes a process-first approach to expediting and improving Accounts Payable processes. Using our Process Intelligence technology, we can help you identify the precise process areas that are costing you the most time and money. This is where automation can have greatest impact.

Next, we help you implement an intelligent invoice processing flow. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing, ABBYY’s invoice processing solution automates invoice capture, recognition, field extraction, and validation of data, delivering it to organizations’ workflow and accounting systems to provide an end-to-end Accounts Payable solution. It can also process other documents such as purchase orders, receipts, and bills of lading.

Capture, Track, and Manage Expenses the Easy Way

Receipt processing shouldn’t waste your valuable time and resources in AP. ABBYY’s expense management solution streamlines and improves expense reimbursement processes. Learn more.

Free connectors with market-leading solution providers

ABBYY smoothly plugs into corporate standards and information systems – RPA, CRM, ERP, BPM, ECM, and accounting systems – and makes business processes smarter, faster, and more responsive.

How the solution works

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Process up to 200 of your invoices free of charge with our cloud-based invoice processing service.

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Expense reporting with ease

ABBYY mobile capture assists with expense management, providing an easy, convenient way to capture data from receipts for further processing, using an app or mobile website.

Customer stories

Cs Costain 363X198

Costain, the leading smart infrastructure solutions company serving the UK’s energy, water, transportation and defense markets transformed its procure-to-pay operation and upskilled its finance team.

Hardware & Software

Content capture

Document processing

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Commercial property consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton revolutionized their AP process, taking the next step in digital transformation.

Real estate

Accounts Payable

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PepsiCo looked for a solution to eliminate the time and labor-intensive job of keying invoice and credit data into SAP manually.

Food & Beverage

Accounts Payable

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