Invoice Document Splitter skill

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The Invoice Document Splitter skill is designed to split files with multiple invoices into separate invoices for further processing. This skill can also be used to split invoices and their supporting documents or annexes into separate documents.

The Invoice Document Splitter skill can be used in two scenarios:

  • Processing only invoices. In this scenario, the Invoice Document Splitter skill splits a flow of invoices into separate pages.
  • Processing both invoices and their annexes. In this scenario, the Invoice Document Splitter skill separates invoices from non-invoice documents using two skills—one for processing invoices, and another for processing annexes. Invoices are assigned the “invoice” class, while documents of all other types are classified as “non_invoice”.

The skill can be used within a Vantage Process Skill to prepare documents for further processsing with the pre-trained Invoice Document Skills from ABBYY.

  • Automatically splits files containing multiple invoices into individual documents.
  • No additional trainig required.
  • Can separate both individual invoices as well as invoices and corresponding annexes.
  • Ideal addition to the Invoice Process Skills and Invoice Document Skills provided by ABBYY.
  • For step-by-step instructions on how to use the Invoice Document Splitter Skill see the docummentation.
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6 November 2020
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17 May 2024
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