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Arrive at virtual banking faster.

While digital transformation is nothing new to banks and financial institutions, now more than ever, they must rely on technology to conduct business, comply with regulations, connect with customers, and deal with a flood of emergency business – all under the necessity of social distancing.

Digital Strategies for Banks to Thrive in Today’s Crisis and Beyond

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ABBYY helps banks and financial institutions to get there faster by…

  • Transforming incoming documents and communication into actionable data for your processes.
  • Expediting process automation with intelligent data capture and extraction.
  • Preparing your operations for emergency services, such as credit application surges, forbearances, mortgage refinancing, and suspicious activity that comes with them.
  • Improving customer service by streamlining and automating daily operations such as account openings and credit card and loan applications.
  • Enabling trace and audit of the acquisition of all customer and application data for compliance and crimes detection from onboarding throughout entire customer journey.
  • Providing quicker response times for customer onboarding, credit, and loan applications.

Mobile-first to Win at Customer Experience


Mobile is defining banking interactions today, providing a means for contactless connection with customers and employees, from the safety of their own devices at home. Mobile devices provide the critical first step in delivering seamless customer experiences.

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Usage scenarios

Digital Intelligence helps banks succeed at digital transformation one process at a time…

03A Finance Cases LIBOR

LIBOR transition

Tackle the single biggest challenge of managing the LIBOR end – the overwhelming volume of documents needing remediation, and the workforce to get it done.

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03B Finance Cases Delivering Account Services

Delivering account services

Accelerate contactless banking and remove person-to-person interactions by fully discovering the many interactions between people and content in your processes...

Learn more
03C Finance Cases KYC

KYC compliance

Violations of KYC/AML (anti money laundering) regulations cost banks billions of dollars in fines and legal exposure...

Learn more
03D Finance Cases Unstructured Documents

Unstructured document review & analysis

Financial service firms face great risk of losses and financial crimes when inadequately analyzing data in the complex documents they handle...

Learn more
03E Finance Cases Mortgage

Mortgage loan processing

In times like these, marked by lower interest rates, economic slowdown, reduced staff, and a rise in loan modifications and forbearances…the backlog of loan files for lenders will become overwhelming...

Learn more
03F Finance Cases Credit

Credit application processing

Credit application processes are often antiquated with many bottlenecks and manual interventions...

Learn more
03G Finance Cases Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention / risk management

Ironically, as processes become more automated, financial institutions become more vulnerable to crimes, fraud, and KYC violations...

Learn more
03H Finance Cases Trade Finance

Trade finance

Trade finance is a multi-step, multi-part processing ecosystem that is largely manual, repetitive, time consuming, and full of risk…

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Customer stories


Europe’s third largest bank allows corporate customers to pay paper bills using bank’s own app on their mobile devices.



Mobile capture

Read the story
Customer Story Video Banque Populaire 360X232

Banque Populaire de l’Ouest digitizes and automatically classifies incoming credit applications from various channels.


Credit application processing


DBS Bank accelerates the loan application process via a mobile app integrating OCR technology.


Mobile capture

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