Intelligent Automation for Financial Services

Smarter, faster banking for today’s customers.

Fraud prevention & risk management

Achieve significant cost savings while preventing check, loan, and payment authorization fraud.

Ironically, as processes become more automated, financial institutions become more vulnerable to crimes, fraud, and KYC violations. Even as banks try to reduce expensive paper transactions, checks, credit, and payment documents are processed every day.

Optimize the validation and proof of documents function

As attacks are most likely to occur through process vulnerabilities and fraudulent documents, thorough process discovery and analysis is a necessary first step, followed by automating paper-based processes with the ability to spot suspicious behaviors. Banks can achieve significant cost savings and speed time to payment while preventing check, loan, and payment authorization fraud by optimizing the validation and proof of documents function. Automated and centralized processing of documents with verification against customer information and behavior patterns and KYC policies reduces slow, error-prone manual processing.

With ABBYY, hand-printed text and other critical data from checks can be identified and extracted automatically with NLP-focused entity extraction. When a bank receives a check, ABBYY solutions automatically look up reference images using signature comparison to verify the authenticity of the check and prevent forgery or counterfeits –– solving a major problem for financial institutions.

Protecting Against Fraud and Money Laundering

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Features & Benefits

Benefits 149B 77X77

Discover processes to identify and tackle vulnerabilities, and to target automation and touchless mobile input.

Benefits 121V 77X77

Retrieve and extract hand-printed information to guarantee high data accuracy.

Benefits 165R 77X77

Audit and validate document information against KYC/AML rules and flag suspicious activity for investigation.

Benefits 112B 77X77

Capture data from large volumes of paper checks.

Benefits 216V 77X77

Identify potential counterfeits immediately using modern AI and NLP-based document intelligence.

Benefits 185R 77X77

Reduce manual data entry.

Benefits 186B 77X77

Capture data delivered from various input devices (mobile phones, tablets, scans, etc.)

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