Mortgage Loan Processing Automation

Improve customer experience with intelligent automation

Provide rapid, accurate responses to loan applications with intelligent document processing.

Automate loan application and approval processes

ABBYY helps lenders streamline mortgage loan processes by transforming these notoriously high-volume, document-intensive processes into easy and efficient flows. Automated document classification and extraction of data at the point of entry enables rapid and accurate transfer of data to scoring systems—greatly improving the customer experience.

Features & Benefits

Identify key touchpoints with people and documents, where processing bottlenecks occur, where automation works, and opportunities for streamlining document input and verification.

Process all document types
Use a single platform for capture and process automation of mortgage loans, opening of accounts, credit card application processing, and more.
Improve data capture process
Capture at the point of service with mobile and low-code browser apps, with contactless centralized processing.
Improve Accuracy
Achieve the highest level of data extraction accuracy, from structured and unstructured documents: contracts, lease agreements, and titles.
Crimes and fraud detection
Process loopholes and suspicious documents are the most likely vulnerabilities banks have to potential crimes and fraud. ABBYY helps banks identify and counter these vulnerabilities early with both the process awareness and intelligent document processing that can establish the authenticity of documents from the moment they enter the process.

IDC infographic: Empowering Financial Services to Innovate Through Automation

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IDC infographic: Empowering Financial Services to Innovate Through Automation

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Intelligent Automation in Financial Services & Banking




Over 10,000 enterprise customers, including many of the Fortune 500, trust ABBYY with their business-critical documents. The analyst community continues to name ABBYY as the market leader in intelligent document processing.


ABBYY modernized the IDP market with its low-code / no-code platform. After 30 years, we are unmatched in the number of document types, formats, and languages we support.


Our decades-long focus on AI allows us to deliver results faster, stronger, and at a lower processing cost. Our customers experience 400% higher employee productivity, 95% automation out of the box, and millions of dollars in cost-saving opportunities.

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