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Credit application processing

Modernize your processes for the new era of digital transformation.

Credit application processes are often antiquated with many bottlenecks and manual interventions. Modernizing these processes for the new era of digital transformation begins with Process Intelligence – fully discovering, visualizing, and analyzing the process end to end.

Speed approvals, ensure accuracy, and transform the process

With Process Intelligence as its foundation, automating the capture of credit applications and extracting critical information helps banks and financial institutions reduce the time required to deliver credit cards to customers. With ABBYY’s cloud-based service, you can identify inefficiencies and opportunities for automation, and then have the ability to monitor and measure the effectiveness of change.

ABBYY Content Intelligence solutions for document processing automation enable banks and financial institutions to capture data automatically, classify documents, and extract information from credit card applications using the latest AI, ML, and NLP technologies. This data, along with accompanying documentation such as photos of passports or proof of income can be entered into the lender’s database quickly and easily to speed application approvals. Automating this process reduces expensive time-consuming and labor-intensive manual data entry and increases productivity, freeing staff to focus on more important activities.

Features & Benefits

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Discover and visualize the entire credit process to pinpoint opportunities for changes.

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Centralize all processes for mortgage loans, car loans, lines of credit, and opening of accounts on a single platform.

Benefits 201R 77X77

Classify and extract data entities from any form or document using NLP and ML.

Benefits 136B 77X77

Immediately adapt to new forms and document classes with ABBYY auto-learning capabilities.

Benefits 187V 77X77

Increase application processing efficiency while saving costs.

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Reduce processing time by eliminating manual labor (sorting, classifying, searching, and handling.

Benefits 190B 77X77

Capture at the point of service using mobile apps with centralized processing.

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