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ABBYY Expert Talks: Digital Strategies for Banks to Thrive in Today’s Crisis and Beyond

Overwhelmed with emergency-driven exceptions in both business and consumer lending, financial institutions are facing unprecedented challenges, which are forcing bankers to take a critical look at their Digital Transformation priorities. Join this ABBYY Expert Talk to hear Forrester’s Jacob Morgan speak about their latest findings on digital banking amidst the pandemic, as well as real-life use cases of how banks are managing transactions with a remote workforce, and learn how Digital Intelligence can tackle current challenges.

ABBYY Expert Talks: How to reduce denials & streamline your revenue cycle processes while working from home

Enterprise policies are in place for all schedulers to collect, enter and verify patient and insurance information at point of scheduling, but these processes are not always followed.

With patient and insurance information making up to 55 percent of the data on claims, and hospital programs requiring accurate patient information, these policies are crucial in ensuring providers are managing their data collection process effectively, which will lead to a reduction in denials.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Chartis on how we’re working together and using ABBYY Timeline’s unique Process Intelligence capabilities.