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Transforming AP Operations: More than adding automation. It requires content intelligence

The pandemic put a spotlight on manual invoice processing and paper plagued workflows. 

Shared Services teams found themselves thrust into remote work with operations that still relied on paper-based processes executed with manual workflows and handoffs. When office doors started to close, documents remained locked inside and new deliveries stacked up in mail collection areas of unattended offices.

Find out during this webinar, reflecting key findings from SSON's Global State of AP Automation Survey in partnership with Engeneum how to:

  • Take a self-service approach to uncover AP inefficiencies
  • Develop the right strategy for successful AP Automation
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems
  • Take a holistic view of the AP cycle and maximize efficiency and outcomes

Go from legal tech buyer to builder – no coding needed!

Join us for lunch! And learn how ABBYY Vantage provides a unique opportunity for your business to do more for your clients. In this upcoming Lunch & Learn webinar, we’ll detail how new technology is changing document processing, whether for administrative processes or client deliverables.

In this upcoming webinar, we’ll detail how Vantage can empower legal service providers to offer new and better services. Plus, Jobes Technology will join us to show you how to build Vantage skills to manage client-facing work in one process-heavy area of the law, immigration.

Register for this webinar to learn how to:

  • Convert your current manual processes into automated “Skills.” These capture the meaning of documents and connect to critical applications - with no coding needed.
  • Quickly and easily build those Skills yourself. Or how to find what you need pre-built in the Vantage Marketplace.
  • Manage your back-office processes with Skills.
  • Create Skills for process-heavy, paperwork intensive client needs.

You mentioned free lunch?

We did! Register for this upcoming webinar now and you’ll receive $20 DoorDash credit.

German Webinar | Handelsblatt Knowledge Platform "Managing the New Normal": Successful Strategies for Banks in the "New Normal" - The Digital Twin in Lending

The pandemic-related, week-long branch and office closures highlighted the gaps in the current digitization of banking processes. Angry customers were unable to reach their bank advisors, customer care centers were overloaded, and customer files were not processed. This is why the new study by Fraunhofer FIT and ABBYY on the topic of "Process Digitization" sees customer and employee satisfaction as the focus of process optimization. In this webinar, you will learn how existing processes can be digitized and optimized using modern process technologies such as a Digital Twin in the credit sector in order to increase customer and employee satisfaction in the long term with successful products and services.