Digital Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Enterprises use Digital Intelligence to remove friction from processes and to enable the digital workforce to access and better understand content.

RPA is changing the way we think about business

Whether your RPA project focuses on automating simple, structured data for easy-to-complete tasks, or more complex operations that blend bots with human labor—there is a key ingredient for success: in-depth knowledge of current process execution coupled with the ability to effectively process content.

Digital Intelligence: the key to every RPA strategy

As RPA requires a significant upfront investment in the planning and design phase, ABBYY Process Intelligence helps guide decision-making about which processes to automate, in all their permutations. ABBYY delivers 100% process visibility based on your actual operational data, making it easy to identify the smartest opportunities for RPA. Next, ABBYY Content Intelligence expands the use and value of RPA by enabling digital workers with the skills and understanding to process content intelligently.

A smarter, more powerful digital enterprise

Digital transformation strategy with ABBYY

Know, understand, plan, and improve

Utilize a data-driven approach to identify and prioritize the best processes for automation. Bridge the gap between process leaders and RPA developers with advanced insights - so you can start automating faster and more effectively.

Digital process automation with ABBYY

Simplify and do more

Use out-of-the-box cognitive skills to easily understand content. Start automating based on process KPIs, data-supported ROI, automation suitability, and other analytical metrics.

How to improve customer experience with ABBYY

Prompt transactions, decisions, and actions

Accelerate processes for any kind of business document – applications, claims, orders, and communications – eliminating costly and time-consuming manual operations.

Digital enterprise automation compliance with ABBYY

Stay compliant

Turn your robots into compliance officers, by transforming critical documents into structured information, ensuring your robots have the required data to complete the work in a timely manner, while complying with regulations.

RPA and digital transformation with ABBYY

Achieve greater value

Expand RPA usage to content centric processes, supporting strategic digital transformation initiatives across the entire organization.

Artificial intelligence for robotic process automation - ABBYY

Add intelligence to robotic processes

Turn robots into the next class of digital workers by delivering fast usable data, eliminating manual work and lengthy document review processes.

Next-Level Intelligence for Digital Workers in Valuable Processes

RPA business process automation in Accounts Payable - ABBYY

Accounts payable

Discover, automate, monitor, and improve invoice processing, capturing all the details of an invoice – including all the process tasks and content inside the header, footer, and line item details – for accurate and timely payment of supplier invoices.

Process Intelligence for digital mortgage solution - ABBYY

Mortgage lending

Create your own mortgage process digital twin. Leverage AI to optimize the process and then create a digital worker to automate the processing of mortgage applications and supporting lending documents.

Customer service RPA - ABBYY

Customer onboarding

Uncover the truth in your customer journey, and then train a digital worker to automate opening of accounts by capturing customer data from documents, eliminating costly and error-prone manual work.

RPA in Insurance - ABBYY


Insurance processes are complex, but how you visualize, understand, and improve them doesn’t have to be. Build a new set of digital workers to augment your claims process, eliminating human error and speeding up the processing with the handling of claims documents.

RPA logistics use cases - ABBYY


Create a new set of digital workers with the right skills to identify and process shipping instructions, waybills, receipts, and orders for identifying cargo.

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