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Patient registration

Streamline and optimize your patient registration procedure.

Despite healthcare providers’ attempts to go 100% digital, the fact is that they will be handling large volumes of paper, and content derived from image-only documents, for some time to come. These include IDs, insurance cards, patient registration forms, referral documents, hard copy prescriptions – plus health surveys that must be completed and other patient intake forms and documents.

As a result, providers may be torn between abandoning paper in favor of electronic forms or dealing with time-consuming scanning processes. Either way is less than ideal, with resources that could be used for patient care being focused on manual administrative tasks. Such labor-intensive patient registration manual processes are error prone, putting the provider at compliance risk and compromising the quality of care delivered to patients and reducing their levels of satisfaction.

The right start to patient onboarding

ABBYY OCR, data capture and classification technology combines the convenience of scanning with labor-saving tools that identify document types, extract data and link them to the correct patient record. Patient intake staff simply scans the patient registration forms, and ABBYY software “reads” the data. Faxes and emails can also be automatically OCR'ed, captured and added to patient records. The result is a streamlined registration process that is efficient for patients and easy for staff. Plus, many providers also look to extend the ABBYY platform directly to patients so that they can use portals and mobile devices to capture data and submit documents themselves.

Features & Benefits

With ABBYY, healthcare providers can:

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Enable self service by letting patients submit required intake forms and documents via web portals or mobile devices.

Benefits 116V 77X77

Eliminate manual data entry which is costly and error prone.

Benefits 165R 77X77

Ensure registration information is audit-ready with automatic control over signed forms.

Benefits 128B 77X77

Improve accuracy and availability of patient registration information.

Benefits 197V 77X77

Deliver full chain of custody and audit of the capture process.

Benefits 102R 77X77

Create a faster and more efficient patient onboarding process.

Benefits 117B 77X77

Facilitate superior patient experience and increase patient satisfaction ratings.

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