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Trade finance

Streamline trade finance with ABBYY Intelligent Automation.

Trade finance is a multi-step, multi-part processing ecosystem that is largely manual, repetitive, time consuming, and full of risk. Banks are feeling the pressures of the rising costs of compliance and due-diligence.

Improve revenues, lower risks, and reduce paper

ABBYY offers a comprehensive approach to trade finance. ABBYY helps banks adopt an end-to-end digital approach for automating Trade Finance, opening doors for new sources of growth, increasing efficiency, and reducing cost and risk.

Improve Revenues, Lower Risks, and Reduce Paper for Greater Customer Outcomes

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Gain control over data and rules with ABBYY Intelligent Automation solutions.

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Features & Benefits

ABBYY’s platform helps banks accurately capture data from structured and unstructured documents and glean insights from processes for events monitoring and predictive analytics.

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Process transparency with intelligence

By helping financial institutions discover the complex interactions between customers, employees, processes, and content, ABBYY Timeline assembles the right data to get a clear picture of end-to-end processes, point out vulnerabilities and opportunities for change, and provide ongoing monitoring against compliance criteria.

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Submission and verification of documents

Trade finance processes encompass over 100 different types of documents, including letters of credit, guarantees, commercial invoices, bills of lading, certifications of origin, and many more. Extracting data from these documents and integrating with relevant systems is often a manual process, with a high risk of human error. ABBYY FlexiCapture and Vantage solutions help banks automate the document intake processes.

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Unlike process mining and other approaches that just show what the process looks like, ABBYY Timeline applies artificial intelligence (AI) to process mining methods to create a visual model of the “typical” trade finance process as well as all of its variations. This snapshot, based on data from your own systems, helps you understand what’s working well, where the bottlenecks are, and how you can improve the process without driving up costs.

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Monitoring and audit

Gain a deeper understanding of processes and glean insights to predict outcomes before they happen; for example, forecast trade processes in their future state. Gain data-driven understanding of the impact changes to processes will have before you invest in them.

New Solutions for New Challenges in Trade Finance

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Increase productivity, ensure compliance, and improve safety.

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