Onboarding: Balance customer expectations with fraud controls

This ebook explores how end-to-end identity proofing and affirmation tools are not only crucial to reducing this risk, but they also have the added benefit of increased customer confidence.

Onboarding: Balance customer expectations with fraud controls

In a world in which the line between virtual and offline identities has become increasingly blurred, it’s become more important than ever for organizations to ensure that they know the true identity of their users, customers, employees, and partners.

Verifying the true identity of customers and employees has become more difficult and more important as scammers become more sophisticated. Highly regulated industries like banking and healthcare are hyper focused on cybersecurity, but it’s become increasingly important for businesses in every industry to make sure they have best-in-class fraud prevention procedures in place. 

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This playbook will dig into the challenges of verifying user identities online. You’ll also learn the benefits using an organization that can provide seamless, reliable identity proofing and identity affirmation, as well as:

  • How Covid accelerated the move to online transactions.
  • How identity proofing goes beyond identity authentication.
  • How identity proofing makes use of biometrics and document verification, and how it differs from identity affirmation.
  • Why identity proofing isn’t enough.

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