ABBYY FineReader Engine

The most comprehensive OCR SDK for software developers.

Integrate AI-powered OCR features into your applications.

Recognition profiles for fast deployment

ABBYY FineReader Engine provides a set of predefined processing profiles that are designed for frequent usage scenarios. By using these profiles, developers save work and can implement OCR processing features without a deep knowledge of OCR parameters.

During the integration of the OCR SDK, it is sufficient to choose the appropriate profile for a particular task and the optimal parameter values will be set automatically. Most of the profiles are available in two versions: one with settings optimized for the best quality; the other with settings optimized for the highest speed of processing.

Below is a list of predefined profiles available in ABBYY FineReader Engine:

Scenario Profile name
Document conversion for archiving
This scenario requires high processing speed, good visual quality and small size of resulting PDFs. Highest recognition accuracy is not a critical parameter.
Document conversion for content reuse
Highest recognition accuracy and precise document reconstruction are the most critical factors. Each error in characters or layout means additional work during the verification and correction step.
Ground text extraction for fields detection and documents classification TextExtraction_Accuracy
Fields level recognition FieldLevelRecognition
Barcodes recognition BarcodeRecognition
Сreating high-compressed PDF files, which contain entire documents saved as pictures HighCompressedImageOnlyPdf
Business cards recognition (BCR) BusinessCardsProcessing

While the usage of predefined profiles saves work and provides for an easy start, it is as well possible to set the individual parameters manually through the recognition API.

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