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The most comprehensive OCR SDK for software developers.

Integrate AI-powered OCR features into your applications.

Features & Benefits

Whether you are a software vendor, system integrator or an enterprise company developing your own IT systems, ABBYY OCR SDK will help you create highly accurate text and data processing applications.

Create desktop or server applications for Windows, Linux or Mac and deploy them in the Cloud or on Virtual Machines. The diverse OCR features can add value to applications within many areas, such as DMS, ERP, RPA, insurance, banking, healthcare, legal and machine vision.

Advanced features for developers creating applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms*

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Comprehensive set of recognition technologies

The SDK offers award-winning, highly accurate recognition of machine-printed text (OCR) and hand-printed text (ICR) that can be performed as full-page or field-level recognition. In addition, it provides recognition of barcodes (OBR).

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Powerful PDF processing tools

The SDK offers document conversion into searchable PDF and PDF/A formats. When importing PDFs, the missing text layer can be injected while PDF properties are preserved. XML data can be extracted from imported PDF/A-3 files as well as inserted when saving to PDF/A-3 formats.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Powerful AI- and ML-based technologies combined with ABBYY’s ADRT and other technologies detect the logical structure of a document and identify its formatting elements, such as table of content, headers, footers, fonts and font styles to precisely re-create the original document.

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Multi-core CPUs and parallel processing

When converting many pages such as complete document archives or books, developers can leverage the SDK's flexible and scalable architecture. By using multi-core CPUs and processing images in parallel on multiple threads, the OCR steps can be performed significantly faster.

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Support for Cloud and virtual environments

In addition to on-premise deployment, software developers have the option to deploy their applications in virtual environments or host their offerings on Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

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Advanced image pre-processing functions

Image pre-processing increases the recognition accuracy by optimizing the image for OCR. Even low-quality images can deliver best OCR results after de-skewing, rotation, distortion correction, text line straightening, page splitting, adaptive binarization, ISO noise reduction and other image correction steps.

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Recognition profiles for fast implementation

Predefined processing profiles contain pre-set parameters for the best OCR results within frequent recognition tasks. They can be used in place of manually fine-tuning the recognition system and provide for faster SDK integration.

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Ready-made business card and MRZ recognition

Specific APIs such as BCR API and MRZ API offer recognition of business cards and Machine Readable Zones (MRZ) in ID documents, passports or visas. They provide access to individual field values with minimal programming effort.

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Document classification with machine learning

Advanced classification algorithms in FineReader Engine leverage machine learning and OCR technologies, and enable applications to automatically categorize documents into different classes.

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User interface components

Developers can use ABBYY’s ActiveX-based visual components to easily integrate user interface into variety of applications such as ERP, ECM or DMS systems, providing their users with the possibility to validate documents, access the recognition results and edit text and directly in the application.

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Sample code library

A comprehensive set of code samples provide instructions on how to use the OCR SDK, illustrates different FineReader Engine technologies and can be used for development projects. Each library section contains code snippets accompanied by systematic instructions on how to perform the relevant task.

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Detailed SDK documentation and support

Detailed documentation helps to streamline integration. Developers have access to additional information through ABBYY’s Knowledge Base and Developers’ Forum. In addition to these resources, ABBYY technical support is available to you during your free trial.

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Compare documents function

The new functionality ‘Compare Documents’ allows comparing two versions of the same documents and detecting differences in their content. The documents can be in different formats, e.g. Microsoft Word, PDF, TIF, JPEG, and any other of the supported input documents formats.

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*Depending on the target operating system, there may be slight differences in the availability and details of some features. Some new features may be implemented in later releases. Please read the leaflets below for detailed information.

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