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Features & Benefits

Whether you are a software vendor, system integrator or an enterprise company developing your own IT systems, ABBYY OCR SDK will help you create highly accurate text and data processing applications.

Create desktop or server applications for Windows, Linux or Mac and deploy them in the Cloud or on Virtual Machines. The diverse OCR features can add value to applications within many areas, such as DMS, ERP, RPA, insurance, banking, healthcare, legal and machine vision.

Parallel Processing

Usage of multi-core CPUs and parallel processing
Converting multi-page documents with a large number of pages

Support for Cloud and virtual environments

To support deployment of document processing and data extraction software within modern environments, such as Cloud or virtual environments, ABBYY FineReader Engine supports a new type of license – Cloud-ready licensing.

This type of license is intended for applications deployed in a Cloud environment - for example, text recognition and data capture systems that are running on Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 platforms. However, the Cloud-ready license can also be used with OCR-workstations or virtual machines that are connected to the Internet.

The Cloud-ready license allows concurrent usage of many users. It can be used simultaneously by several Cloud instances or workstations connected via the Internet and is only limited by the number of pages that can be processed. The Cloud-ready licensing is supported for both Developer and Runtime Licenses. To be able to conduct document processing and OCR tasks in the Cloud or on virtual machines, the processing computer needs an active Internet connection.

Recognition profiles for fast deployment

ABBYY FineReader Engine provides a set of predefined processing profiles that are designed for frequent usage scenarios. By using these profiles, developers save work and can implement OCR processing features without a deep knowledge of OCR parameters.

During the integration of the OCR SDK, it is sufficient to choose the appropriate profile for a particular task and the optimal parameter values will be set automatically. Most of the profiles are available in two versions: one with settings optimized for the best quality; the other with settings optimized for the highest speed of processing.

Visual components

User interface components
Image viewer
Zoom viewer
Document viewer
Text editor
Text validator


The detailed documentation with many explanations and code samples makes it easy to integrate text recognition and data capture functionalities into your applications – even for newcomers.

Start your work with ABBYY FineReader Engine by opening the Developer's Help, which is provided with the product and read the section Basic Usage Scenarios Overview. With each scenario, you find detailed description, implementation advice, and suggestions on optimizing the code for specific tasks. If your task is not compatible with any of the basic scenarios, you may find useful advices in the Advanced Techniques section.

We also recommend referring to the Programming Aspects section, where you can find useful information on using ABBYY FineReader Engine in different programming languages. In addition, you can view code samples provided with the ABBYY FineReader Engine developer package. The detailed API reference can be also found in the product Developer's Help file.

You are welcome to visit our extensive knowledge base or help forum to learn more about best ABBYY OCR SDK programming practices. If you need more support, you can always consult our technical experts. The ABBYY Technical Support team is ready to answer your questions already during the evaluation phase.

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