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Leading German Insurance Broker Ecclesia Group Streamlines Correspondence Management with ABBYY

Insurance | Customer Experience Management

Customer Overview

Name Ecclesia Group
Headquarters Ecclesiastraße 1 – 4 D-32758 Detmold

With more than 2,400 employees and Direct Written Premium of 2.5 billion euros, the Ecclesia Group is the largest German insurance broker for companies and institutions and one of the leading in Europe Leveraging ABBYY solutions, Ecclesia significantly reduced time associated with claims processing, enabling the top insurer to focus on optimizing customer service.


Digitized documents could only be saved as image files and were not searchable, creating additional work and bottlenecks during later stages of the claims process.


By leveraging ABBYY’s intelligent automation platform, customer correspondences are now digitized and processed automatically.


Ecclesia was able to reduce the amount of human labor spent on manually inputting data, freeing employees to dedicate more time on other high-value responsibilities.


  • As market leader in the business fields of church, social economy and health care, the Ecclesia experiences a constantly growing number of documents in insurance and customer correspondence.
  • Claims operations at Ecclesia were previously highly time-consuming, requiring extensive personnel involvement in collecting, reviewing, scanning and distributing both paper and digital claims documents, making it difficult to keep up with customer expectations.


  • The ABBYY platform extracts critical data from scanned claims documents, including case numbers and license plates; correctly matches documents with the related entry in the customer database; and then automatically routes the document to the appropriate claims manager for further processing.
  • Ecclesia is able to quickly scale the ABBYY platform as its business grows.
"Accuracy was the main factor in the decision to use ABBYY. In addition, the excellent personal support and high level of commitment from ABBYY employees convinced us: they understood our needs and requirements very well and reacted quickly.“
– Dirk Borsetzky, CIO Ecclesia Group


By leveraging ABBYY intelligent document processing, Ecclesia was able to reduce the amount of human labor spent on manually inputting data, freeing employees to dedicate more time for other high-value responsibilities, such as adjudicating claims for customers more quickly.

ABBYY’s technology enabled Ecclesia to fundamentally increase efficiencies in their claims workflow:

  • Enhance accuracy of document processing
  • Deliver faster processing times