in different languages.

Instant access to high-quality
translation dictionaries.

ABBYY Lingvo Translation Dictionary is a dictionary application that lets you translate words, expand your vocabulary and master foreign languages. It contains trusted dictionaries for up to 19 languages, including German, Spanish, Italian, and English.


Quick and accurate translations

Get translations faster: use a search bar – it will display suggestions as you type, just like in search engines.

View pop-up translations in other apps: just aim the pointer at a word in a PDF file, an e-mail message or a website.


World-class dictionaries

Oxford University Press and HarperCollins Publishers world's leading dictionaries inside.

Idiomatic dictionaries, phrase books and dictionaries of English slang and colloquialisms.

Subject dictionaries of engineering, economics, computer and medicine terms, and others.


Learn foreign languages

Explore new words easily with flash cards.

Listen to pronunciations of words recorded by native speakers.

Check verb tenses, grasp meanings of idioms and expressions, and get usage examples of words.

... ease of accessibility for blind and visually impaired users ...

I am an ABBYY customer and I love your ABBYY English to Russian, and Russian to English dictionary. I use it all the time for class, and for doing my Russian homework on the computer. What I love the most about the dictionary is its ease of accessibility for blind and visually impaired users. I am blind and I use a JAWS Screen Reader on the computer to do work, and this is the only software that works with JAWS. I would say that it is 95 percent usable, but there is some room for improvement. Please continue to make sure that your programs and products are accessible to everybody including the blind. When you make upgrades to your software, please keep us in mind.

I also love your web site and how blind friendly it is, and how easy it is to use with a Screen Reader. I am from Azerbaijan, and so some times I use the online dictionary to look up words in Azerbaijani and translate them from English to Azeri Please keep expanding your Azeri to English and English to Azeri dictionary. Once again thank you very much for making great products that are accessible to the blind, and keep up the good work.

Nijat, ABBYY customer

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