ABBYY Mobile Capture

Mobile document capture and on-device text recognition.

Create smooth customer self-service experiences.

What is ABBYY Mobile Capture?

ABBYY Mobile Capture is an SDK which offers automatic data capture within your mobile app, providing real-time recognition and capturing photos of documents for on-device or back-end processing. A premium mobile onboarding process offers your customers a frictionless way to capture and provide self-servicing trailing document to increase retention rates.

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Features & Benefits

Power your app with Mobile Capture and deliver exceptional customer experiences by making mobile document capture easy for your customers with a simple process: point and capture.

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Get ahead of the competition

Meet your customers’ expectations by minimizing manual interactions within your mobile apps and maximizing the ease-of-use for the end user.

Benefits 162V 77X77

Optimize development resources

Easy-to-integrate, pre-built, comprehensive mobile capture solution for your mobile application that saves development time and delivers best-quality results.

Benefits 187B 77X77

Support seamless on-boarding scenarios

Document processing and data capture with exceptional accuracy and ongoing learning continuously improves straight-through-processing rates.

Benefits 211V 77X77

Point and capture

Automatically captures the best-quality image suitable for further back-end processing.

Selected use cases

Across industries, quality self-service processes are essential in retaining customers within the onboarding journey. Integrating ABBYY’s Mobile Capture SDK into your app provides your customers with a seamless, automatic, and accurate way to submit trailing documents within customer service scenarios.

01A MC Cases Cross Industry Onboarding

Cross-industry onboarding mobile capture

Mobile document input is valuable in supporting cross-industry onboarding scenarios.

01D MC Cases Creating User Experience

Combining mobile input with AI-enabled backend solutions

Effectively use mobile devices as front-end document and data input for back-end processing.

Customer stories


Europe’s third largest bank allows corporate customers to pay paper bills using bank’s own app on their mobile devices.



Mobile capture

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Naver Case

South Korea's premier search engine provider NAVER is powering its app with ABBYY Mobile SDK features so users can immediately retrieve search results without pressing the search button or manual typing.

Mobile capture


DBS Bank accelerates the loan application process via a mobile app integrating OCR technology.


Mobile capture

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