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Intelligent Capture for Better Processes

Add intelligence to business processes.

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ABBYY FlexiCapture is a highly scalable and universal enterprise capture platform that enables organisations to automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data from incoming customer communications and operational processes – such as customer requests, queries and transactions.

Use Cases


Customer Experience Management

Accelerate time-to-response and enhance your customer service levels.



Leverage enterprise capture and streamline your document-driven processes.


Shared Service Center (SSC)

Automatically capture and process all documents from your customers on a single platform.



Provide automated multi-channel input and processing of documents.


Accounts Payable

Implement an entirely automated accounting process that makes your AP department more efficient.



Allocate critical information to the responsible person at the right time.

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The Value of Smart Capture in Digital Transformation

Download this product brochure to learn how intelligent capture with machine learning capability accelerates Digital Transformation of business operations.

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Accelerate Transactions, Decisions and Actions

Automated document processing accelerates reaction times to customer enquiries.

data processing

Ensure Control and Predictability

Monitor processes, bottlenecks and system performance with built-in reporting and analytics.

data capture software

Rapidly Build and Run Multiple Applications

Smart data modelling tools and machine learning simplify solution design.

Integration with Business Workflows

ABBYY FlexiCapture works with corporate information systems – CRM, ERP, EDMS and accounting systems – to help make data-rich business processes smarter. Choose from a set of ready-to-go connectors for reliable execution of complex projects and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Key Features

multi channel content

Multi-Channel Content Input

ABBYY FlexiCapture processes documents regardless of source and format consistently in one single flow, including documents received via email, FTP, Hot Folders, mobile devices etc.


Extraction auto-learning

Based on supervised learning techniques, FlexiCapture has the ability to automatically learn, adapt and continuously improve its data extraction algorithms, even in the live process environment through intuitive “point-and-learn” user guidance.


Advanced Document Classification

FlexiCapture embeds advanced classification technology – using multiple classifiers, including semantic-based classification and an intelligent voting mechanism to choose the best possible result, thereby enhancing accuracy.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) support

SLA monitoring and enforcement provides a mechanism for document processing prioritisation and a resource reservation control mechanism to achieve required service levels.

Customer Stories

Recently e-docs UK automated the Proof of Delivery process of their clients, NFT Distribution, with the help of ABBYY's document capture software.

Banque Populaire de l’Ouest digitises and automatically classifies incoming credit applications from various channels.

PepsiCo looked for a data capture solution to eliminate the time and labour-intensive job of invoice data processing and credit data entry into SAP manually.

Product Details

How it Works

The processing cycle of ABBYY FlexiCapture begins with importing a document and ends with storing or export of recognised data.


ABBYY FlexiCapture platform can be extended with business-ready add-ons designed to address specific process or industry requirements. 


Platform technical details for installation, maintenance and development.

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