ABBYY eDiscovery Solutions

ABBYY arms legal professionals with its own breakthrough technologies and services to dramatically reduce the costs and boost the efficiency of eDiscovery tasks at the Processing, Review, and Analysis stages of EDRM.

Get the most out of TIFFs and PDFs with neat extraction of searchable text Multilingual capabilities for successful international litigation
For a law firm, the huge diversity of unstructured documents, papers, images and spreadsheets increases the risk of missing relevant data – and the likelihood of penalties and adverse decisions. Non-English documents and files can hide evidence that is essential to victory in court. But reliable translation can be unacceptably expensive and slow in coming.
Award-winning OCR products developed and owned by ABBYY provide superior quality searchable text that enables law firms to respond to litigation in a thorough and timely manner. Get ahead of the game by enriching your products and services with world’s most accurate OCR in nearly 200 languages. ABBYY’s professional translation services provide an automated workflow for foreign documents in a single click from an enterprise content management system or via a web interface. Swiftly pinpoint relevant scans and files with customized automated translation – and polish them as fast using premium ABBYY post-editing services.
Easily harvest relevant data from huge volumes of ESI Intelligent search mines “hot” facts and evidence more productively
Poor metadata extraction and search capabilities, and the inability to identify duplicates and near-duplicates across e-mail threads and other documents lower culling efficiency and raise costs of further EDRM tasks. Traditional search models carry high inherent risk of missing important evidence and “hot” documents – which can lead to missed opportunities and embarrassing losses.
ABBYY’s unique search approach enables to easily unearth relevant and privileged information out of the pool of non-relevant data. It takes only to enter any single term – and obtain the results covering all imaginable synonyms for it. Accurate de-duplication will effectively shrink the redundant data, saving the cost of further review. Instead, get a head start on litigation with ABBYY’s intelligent search technology that ensures the best possible recall and precision and unlocks the essential facts hidden in ESI. Using it, you can make your requests more specific for ambiguous words and discover significant details even if they are expressed in different terms.

eDiscovery Leader Makes Unstructured Data Searchable
with Automated Solution from ABBYY

“ABBYY has brilliant OCR software that works every time.”

Eddie Sheehy, CEO, Nuix

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