Transportation and Logistics

Document Capture & Form Processing solutions by ABBYY automatically extract business-ready data from paper, facilitating transactions and increasing visibility into the business process to make the job easier for companies, customs brokers, terminal operators and other members of the supply chain.

Increase Efficiency of Document Flows

Shipping documents

Fast and highly accurate recognition of shipping instructions, waybills, receipts and orders to identify the cargo.

Customs documents Automatic classification and validation of data from Bill of Lading line items, Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices and more.
Accounts payable Swift invoice processing for accurate and timely paying of your suppliers’ invoices.
PODs (Proof of delivery)

Data from Delivery Receipts or signed Bills of Lading can be captured and submitted using mobile phone.

Technical documentation on vehicles

Swift capture, processing and digital archiving of all the necessary documents for trucks, trains, ships, airplanes and their components.   


Automation solution improved handling of shipping documents (2-3 min per 1 doc.) and saved $700,000 for the company.

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Provide Faster and More Accurate Information to Internal & External Customers

Shorten the “last mile” in goods delivery

  • Timely capture of proof of delivery provides transparency and awareness of when goods are delivered, lowering operational costs by up to 28%.
  • Initiate a billing process from your delivery person’s mobile phone through automatic capture of the Delivery Receipt with mobile camera.
  • Receive a copy of signed delivery documents in real time along with a shipper or receiver of goods via existing electronic systems.

Speed processing of customs forms

  • Automatic extraction of tariff and product information for every line item in the shipment saves you plenty of time and eliminates errors.
  • Data from automatically processed documents can then be exported to electronic systems for filing via the Automated Broker Interface (ABI).
  • Validation of captured data against existing databases and business rules ensures their integrity and allows operators to deal only with exceptions.

Increase efficiency of accounts payable

  • Streamline invoice processing in your AP department to improve forecasting, budgeting and grow business without adding headcount.
  • Maintain good relationships with suppliers by paying invoices timely and accurately.
  • Capture invoice data with line items; match them to POs and packing slips for automated validation and payment.

Technologies at Work

ABBYY Capture & Processing solutions are powered by advanced technologies that are developed, patented and offered exclusively by ABBYY. They include award-winning optical character recognition technologies that convert images and photographs into electronic text, as well as intelligent data capture and classification technologies for extracting data from forms and documents of virtually any type and complexity.


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