ABBYY Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

The rising costs facing the transportation industry require innovative solutions to run as lean as possible. Uncovering operational efficiencies and streamlining processes are critical. Taming the documentation load associated with shipping is where ABBYY’s productivity-enhancing solutions can help. By automating accurate processing and archiving of documents and providing seamless integration with accounting and ERP systems, ABBYY helps boost your productivity and protects your bottom line.

ABBYY helps streamline the business of transportation.

Specific Needs

ABBYY solutions address the transportation industry’s special requirements:

  • Speed processing of a variety of documents, including waybills, customs declarations, delivery notes, contracts, correspondence and other documentation
  • Efficiently extract data from various types of forms and accompanying documents
  • Smooth integration with existing accounting and ERP systems
  • Easily cross-reference data with related documents

Solutions and Products

Process High-Volumes of Documents, Forms and Invoices

ABBYY can help your company tackle the weighty documentation load associated with shipping—resulting in greater productivity and reduced costs. ABBYY provides innovative solutions that automate invoice and document processing that virtually eliminates time-consuming pre-sorting and error-prone manual data entry—with unmatched accuracy for great results. No matter what type of incoming document, they can be instantly classified and selectively processed, extracting valuable data for efficient batch processing saving your company time and money.

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Professional
    A dynamic data and document capture software that accurately delivers automated capture, classification and indexing of any type of paper documents and forms in a single stream.


  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating many manual data entry tasks
  • Increase efficiency of paperwork processing and access by automating conversion to searchable electronic forms
  • Increase early-payment discounts
  • Enhance financial reporting capabilities with increased data accuracy
  • Make timely transactions and quickly respond to ever-changing business needs

Customer Stories

ABBYY’s productivity-enhancing solutions can serve the needs of transportation companies worldwide. See how other organizations are benefitting from ABBYY's innovative solutions.