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ABBYY Solutions for Accounts Payable Automation

Improve your
operational efficiency.

Reduce manual tasks and administrative effort
when it comes to processing invoices.

ABBYY’s capture solution for Accounts Payable is designed to meet the needs of accountants and controllers, helping them address the challenges involved in AP automation and optimization initiatives. Reducing manual operation and the amount of administrative effort involved in processing invoices, it enables accounting staff to focus on strategic activities such as analysis, planning and forecasting.

Save Time by Automating and Simplifying Invoice Capture

Eliminate manual pre-sorting, improve data accuracy, ensure data integrity.

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Better Budgeting and Forecasting

      • Captures invoices directly at point of entry, giving AP departments early awareness of their arrival
      • Improves the quality of data in ERP systems by introducing structured processes for entering new vendors and validating existing vendors
      • Provides better visibility into invoice statuses, due dates and payment liabilities, simplifying audits and improving forecasting

Higher Operational Efficiency

      • Eliminates extra administrative work by making each invoice visible throughout an organization's approval cycle
      • Reduces the time spent dealing with recurring invoices by processing correct ones automatically – enabling operators to focus on exceptions, and to resolve them fast
      • Reduces purchasing costs by avoiding late charges and leveraging dynamic discounting


Governance and Compliance

      • Mitigates risks with automatic checking of invoice completeness, matches invoices to contracts and purchase orders, and ensures compliance with organizational rules
      • Ensures early fraud detection with automatic validation of the invoice sender, and alerts about discrepancies between ERP data and invoice information
      • Stores invoices as digital forms, eliminating paper and enabling fast search and access

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Leader in Transportation Cost Management Speeds Invoice Processing with Automated Data Capture

FlexiCapture’s remarkable accuracy and intelligent document recognition dramatically improved operations.

AP as a Shared Service

ABBYY’s multi-language capture solution supports invoices from many countries and brings cost reductions to multinational organizations that have shared service centers for AP. A wide range of tools for centralized mailroom capture and ad hoc web-based capture enable the system to accommodate existing procedures in different branches of a company – effortlessly bringing all invoices into the central processing flow.

Invoice Capture at a Glance

The below diagram provides an overview of invoice capture in the AP workflow.


Automated Capture

Submission of an invoice to the capture system (either from a scanning device if the invoice is paper-based, or from an electronic file or an email message) initiates the process of capturing and validating its data.


Validation can include matching an invoice’s data against contracts, purchase orders and packing slips, verifying the vendor in the ERP system (SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) and checking for compliance with internal business rules.

“Touchless” Payment

Compliant invoices (that match purchase orders and delivery of goods records) can be paid automatically in a “touchless” or straight-through process (STP). Exceptions are either routed for approval or to the exceptions workflow.

Centralized Processing

Centralized processing of all paper, TIFF or PDF invoices has the additional benefit of transparent monitoring – which helps to identify bottlenecks and further improve operational efficiency.

Technologies at Work

The ABBYY Invoice Capture Solution is powered by advanced technologies offered exclusively by ABBYY. They include:

ABBYY’s core technologies are supplemented by workflows addressing specific AP business processes – including invoice approval, rules-based routing, escalation and exceptions handling.


Customer Story

Adactus Housing processes 1000’s of invoices per month with ABBYY FlexiCapture & Invu Services

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