ABBYY Recognition Server

ABBYY Recognition Server is a flexible and easy-to-deploy server-based OCR solution designed for high-volume document processing. With its extremely scalable architecture and a variety of customization tools, it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing document management environment.

ABBYY's automated OCR server enables companies to convert batches of paper documents and document images into searchable and re-usable digital content ready for document archiving, e-discovery, enterprise search, and other business processes. Document processing can be managed from within an organization or remotely.

ABBYY Recognition Server is an ideal choice for organizations looking for an easy-to-use and robust multilingual OCR and PDF conversion software which also provides scanning, indexing, and verification functionality.


Quick in deployment and easy-to-use

Quick deployment and easy-to-use

The intuitive interface of this server-based OCR solution enables instant use. No training is required.

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A complete document capture software

All-in-one, comprehensive document capture software

ABBYY Recognition Server handles every stage of document capture, from scanning and indexing to document export.

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Unmatched scalability

Unmatched scalability

The solution is easily extendable to multi-core CPUs or multiple servers — and can therefore cope with any volume of documents.

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"...50,000 periodicals processed in 3 months with better quality, less effort, less expenses and less time than was expected"

Edvinas Ragutskis, Project Manager , “INFO-TEC” Paslaugu centras

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