ABBYY Solutions for Banking and Finance

Given the unprecedented scrutiny the entire financial industry is under, you need to find innovative ways to build and maintain profitable, trusting relationships with customers, agents and brokers to drive profitability. ABBYY solutions can help improve your customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by streamlining processes and minimizing costs associated with accurate processing of financial documents. From managing customer account data at multiple levels and in multiple offices, to processing insurance, loan forms and mortgage documents efficiently, ABBYY provides powerful solutions that address the needs of its financial services customers.

ABBYY helps simplify the business of banking.

Specific Needs

ABBYY solutions address many special requirements for a variety of financial services institutions:

  • Efficiently process heavy volume of various financial documents from organizations and customers alike: contracts, payment documents, credit card applications, mortgage papers, loan documents, financial statements, explanation of payments (EOPs), credit notes, etc.
  • Maintain high level of security by limiting access to sensitive documents
  • Meet storage requirements while reducing off-site storage costs
  • Maintain strict compliance to increasing regulation:
    • Government: Sarbanes-Oxley and Patriot Act regulations, Check 21, HUD, Bank Secrecy Act
    • Wall Street: NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX regulations
  • Efficiently process documents with complicated structures: multi-pages, accompanying attachments, different sizes, etc.
  • Easily and securely share information between multiple branch offices

Solutions and Products

Convert Paper, Images, PDFs to Editable Documents

In order to better manage the various types of documentation that financial services organizations deal with daily, ABBYY enables you to quickly and accurately convert any paper document into your choice of editable formats to speed office productivity with the following products:

  • FineReader
    An intelligent  OCR software for accurately creating editable and searchable files from scanned documents, PDF files and digital camera images.
  • PDF Transformer
    An easy-to-use utility that both creates and converts PDFs instantly and accurately.

Create Searchable Archives, Streamline Data Capture

Accurate records keeping is but one of the many strict regulations facing the financial industry—and given the volume, it’s one of the most time-consuming ones. ABBYY can maximize your office efficiency with a powerful server-based solution for centralized processing of high volumes of printed documents—around the clock! With its unmatched conversion accuracy, you can effortlessly create searchable archives and repositories.

  • ABBYY Recognition Server
    A robust and powerful server-based OCR solution for automating high-volume document conversion processes across multiple departments.

Process High-Volumes of Documents, Forms and Invoices

With the high volume of documentation facing financial service institutions, there’s no time for time-consuming pre-sorting and error-prone manual data entry. No matter what type of incoming document, they can be instantly classified and selectively processed, extracting valuable data for efficient batch processing, saving your organization time and money.

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Professional
    A dynamic data and document capture software that accurately delivers automated capture, classification and indexing of any type of paper documents and forms in a single stream.


  • Provide better customer service with faster request response time
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs by accelerating business processes
  • Increase data accuracy by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry
  • Easily adhere to ever-increasing compliance requirements
  • Coordinate activities of multiple branch offices

Customer Successes

ABBYY provides its productivity-enhancing solutions to a variety of financial institutions worldwide.