How to Become an ABBYY Partner

If you are interested in our products and would like to become one of our
resellers, please complete this form and send it back to us. You will be contacted by the responsible person from our group.

We guarantee that information you decide to give us is only for ABBYY internal use and will be kept strictly confidential.

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  • What kind of clients does your customer base consist of

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    % Business % SOHO Users
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  • What were your company’s total gross sales last year? Check one:

    less than $0.5m $1.0–5.0m $10–25m
    $0.5–1.0m $5.0–10.0m more than $25m
  • What was the percentage of total revenue from each of the following areas:

    % Software % Hardware
    % Service % Application development
    % Integration % Training
    % Other (Please specify)
  • How many people does your company employ? Check one:

    1–5 6–10 11–20 21–50 51–100 101+
  • Do you have:

    an appointed person for PR and advertising or use an agency
  • List your top five suppliers:

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  • What ABBYY products are of interest to you? Check all that apply:

    Desktop OCR Products Form Processing Products
    Software Developer Toolkits (SDK) OEM Products
    Electronic Dictionaries
  • What is your first-year estimation for:

  • a) Desktop OCR products sales (number of boxes)

  • b) Form processing products sales (number of projects, size of each project)

  • c) Sales of products created using the SDK (number of run-time licenses)

  • d) OEM products sales (number of devices/components your company is going to supply bundled with our products)

  • How did you hear about ABBYY and its products?

    Publications Internet
    Trade Show Customer Referral
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