Linux OCR with ABBYY FineReader Engine 11

With many business-critical applications running on Linux nowadays, the quality and reliability of Linux-based software technologies becomes of utmost importance. ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Linux delivers complete set of technologies to integrate truly accurate and comprehensive OCR functionality in the Linux environment yet provides qualified technical support and protection from a variety of possible additional expenses such as those related with implementation, upgrade issues, and customer dissatisfaction.

ABBYY's OCR Engine technology is leveraged in world-leading solutions across multiple industries:

  • Document capture, conversion, sorting, processing, archiving solutions (ECM, RMS)
  • Content enablement for Enterprise Search and Big Data unstructured text analysis
  • Patient records digitization for EMR solutions
  • Corporate paper/image-only documents enablement for eDiscovery
  • Documents classification and capture for mortgage/loans processing systems
  • Invoice capture for accounts payable solutions
  • Mobile capture solutions for ID cards, receipts
  • Enablement control of image-only data by DLP (Data Leak Prevention) solutions
  • Screenshot reading for Test Automation tools
  • Digital Mailroom applications
  • Text reading solutions for visually impaired people
Linux OCR with ABBYY FineReader Engine 11

With new ABBYY's OCR Engine developers achieve the outstanding level of OCR quality and usability:

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