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Commencez à traiter vos documents immédiatement avec une plateforme IDP prête à l’emploi, alimentée par l’IA, low code / no code et qui offre une précision optimale.

Mises à jour ABBYY Vantage

We never stop working to make the automation of document-centric business processes as efficient as possible so you can achieve outstanding business results.

As we continue to enhance the capabilities of ABBYY Vantage, we share the most recent release updates with our customers here.

The newest release of ABBYY Vantage delivers more customer use cases, improved user experience, smarter artificial intelligence, enhanced performance, and improved administration. Discover all that Vantage 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 have to offer.
Expanded catalog of connectors
The catalog of available out-of-the-box connectors to business process automation systems such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Microsoft Power Automate, Automation Anywhere, Pegasystems, etc., has been enriched with the addition of a connector to the leading low-code enterprise app development platform Mendix.
Expanded language support for handwriting
The Vantage platform supports extraction of handwritten text in English, German, French, and now Spanish, providing increased accuracy for handwriting in all supported languages and better recognition of handwritten values that include a combination of letters and digits such as ID/passport numbers, IBAN, SWIFT, etc.
Improved OCR accuracy
Improved text recognition accuracy for Japanese documents, as well as OCR on challenging document types such as documents with watermarks.
Improved human-in-the-loop experience
Manual review supports cropping and document separation, helping reviewers influence the extraction results in a positive way.
Smarter AI training for unknown documents
Better insights and control when using deep learning to train new models for semi-structured documents.
Extended options for export of text/data
Highly demanded export formats such as CSV for extracted data, or image-only PDF, TIFF, and JPG for document text are now supported.
Natural language processing
With the introduction of named entities support for Dutch, Vantage now fully supports 9 languages for natural language processing (including segmentation, NER, and NLP deep learning): English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese (preview), Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.
Better customer experience with mobile capture
Provide your customers with a seamless user experience by integrating the input of documents using a mobile device directly within your website. Vantage provides an exceptional user experience to provide documents such as ID cards and passports in customer onboarding scenarios.
Enhanced administration
Vantage now supports the SAML 2.0 protocol for setting up authentication and convenient single sign-on (SSO) for enterprise users using external identity providers such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. The OAuth 2.0 protocol is also supported by Vantage.
ABBYY Marketplace
As usual, you can download all listed document skills, connectors, and other assets directly from the ABBYY Marketplace. Start now!
Seamless connectivity to third party systems
New authentication flow called Client Credentials for server-to-sever connection to Vantageallows seamless connectivity to third-party systems, regardless if the customer is using an external identity provider or the authentication provided by Vantage itself.

Compétences de document (Skills) nouvelles et améliorées

La bibliothèque de compétences de document, préformées et prêtes à l’emploi, est accessible aux clients de Vantage via ABBYY Marketplace. Elle s’est étoffée et améliorée.

  • Factures
    Amélioration continue des modèles, basée sur les retours des clients, y compris une meilleure qualité de l’extraction de champs-clés tels que le nom de l’entreprise, l’adresse et le N° de commande.
  • Bons de commande
    Amélioration continue des modèles, basée sur les retours des clients, y compris une meilleure qualité de l’extraction des lignes d’articles.
  • Facture commerciale
    Modèle amélioré pour une extraction de meilleure qualité.
  • Reçus
    Modèle amélioré pour une extraction de meilleure qualité.
  • Cartes de visite
    La compétence de document peut désormais traiter les cartes de visite en chinois, en japonais et en coréen, tant en écriture horizontale que verticale. De plus, la nouvelle version de cette compétence améliore la précision avec les langues européennes déjà compatibles.
  • NOUVEAU | Déclaration de courtage
    Cette compétence de prévisualisation des documents constitue un point de départ pour les clients qui doivent traiter des relevés de compte. Cela leur donne des informations sur le montant des comptes, les actifs et l’activité.

Loan/Mortgage Origination

Banks looking to optimize mortgage origination processes can now have a head start with five new preview document skills for required documents:

  • NEW | Initial Escrow Account Disclosure Statement
  • NEW | Desktop Underwriting Findings Report
  • NEW | Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report (Form FHLMC 465/FNMA 1073
  • NEW | Deed of Trust

Tax Processing
Further building out our support for IRS tax forms:

  • NEW | Tax Form 1099-B, Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions
    This preview document skill extracts data from the IRS tax from 1099-B, sent by brokers to their customers for tax filing purposes.
  • NEW | Tax Form 1099 Composite
    In addition to previously available document skills for individual 1099 IRS tax forms, this 1099 Composite Skill is now available as a preview and processes consolidated statements, listing the 1099s that have been issued by a financial institution to the taxpayer.
  • NEW | Tax Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement

New preview document skill providing a basis for fully training the processing of 1095-A forms.

  • NEW | Tax Form 1095-B, Health Coverage
    New preview document skill providing a basis for fully training the processing of 1095-B forms.
  • NEW | Tax Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage
    New preview document skill providing a basis for fully training the processing of 1095-C forms.
  • NEW | Tax Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings
    New preview document skill providing a basis for fully training the processing of W-2G forms.
  • NEW | Tax Form 1099-OID, Original Issue Discount
    New preview document skill providing a basis for fully training the processing of 1099-OID forms.
  • Tax Form 1098, Mortgage Interest Statement
    Part of ABBYY’s collection of IRS tax form document skills, this skill has now been fully trained and is available as a production-ready asset.
  • Tax Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
    Improved model for extraction of data from forms filled out manually by hand.
  • Tax Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
    The previously available document skill for 1040 tax forms, supporting 1040 forms from 2018-2019 has now been updated to support the latest 1040 update for tax year 2022.
  • Tax Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
    Improved model for better extraction quality.

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