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From A for ABBYY to Z for the zenith of technology: ABBYY is the best-in-class technology partner of Eucon

06 juin 2018

Eucon is an expert in the technically correct examination, automated processing and digital management of claims documents. Long-term industry know-how, extensive databases and the latest technologies enable it to offer highly specialised solutions. With ABBYY Capture software, documents are captured, the relevant data is extracted and information is intelligently transferred to the appropriate workflows.

As a long-term digitalisation partner, Eucon now supports a good two thirds of the largest insurance companies as well as leading real estate firms in Germany. Eucon provides highly specialised and flexible modules that substantially increase the proportion of automated processes in claims and document management.

The manual processing of documents remains an inefficient and error-prone process. Unstructured documents are digitised by Eucon, and manual processes are transformed into automated procedures, reducing time and costs and creating transparency. As a result, in the insurance sector alone, around three million claim procedures are now automatically processed by Eucon each year.

Eucon relies on highly specialised, best-in-class partners

Eucon has perfected the key steps in the digitalisation and automation of document workflows and works with leading technology partners. Using the best-in-class system, Eucon offers a portfolio of flexible modules and thus ensures a high level of standardisation and scalability for companies. ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition and data capture solutions and services, supports Eucon with automated document capture and processing. Secure and high-quality OCR with ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices delivers the data and information basis for digital process and document management.

Using ABBYY Capture software, all documents are captured based on individual specifications. The data is then checked for plausibility and correctness, compared with specific Eucon databases and rules, corrected and, if necessary, supplemented. Thanks in part to the high quality delivered by the ABBYY OCR, Eucon ensures a high ratio of background processes during automated document processing. If some items of data are not automatically recognised, the file is transferred to a specialist post-processing unit at Eucon – for 100% data quality in all cases.

Intelligent recognition, capture and processing of documents

The centralized capture and categorisation of documents with ABBYY solutions enables Eucon to use various procedures within the context of technological process design.  The methods used depend on the case in question and the framework conditions, such as machine learning, deep learning or classic methods with rule-based decision-making systems. This way, Eucon combines data, technologies and services adaptively to create innovative solutions that enable companies to successfully shape their digital reality and generate a genuine competitive edge.

"ABBYY Capture software provides us with the document capture basis for the subsequent design of our machine learning modules. This allows us to offer optimal support for our customer processes in the business areas of insurance and real estate," explains Jörg Niestroj, Director of Research & Development at Eucon Digital GmbH. "ABBYY has impressed us with its excellent recognition rate. The software provides us with outstanding results with respect to document capture. Moreover, adjustments to the underlying rules are very easy. Thanks to the automation and standardisation of processes, our customers can realise significant savings and improve their processes optimally. The result is greater efficiency, transparency and service quality in document processing."

Eucon processes documents for insurance and real estate companies with ABBYY OCR with a high degree of automation. Source: Eucon Digital GmbH

About Eucon 

Eucon has been generating data-based values in a digital world for 20 years. With intelligent solutions for data and document processing, Eucon is the leading provider of automated claims management processes to insurers. For real estate clients, Eucon digitalises processes and assists undertakings in achieving an automated and efficient document workflow. In addition, Eucon is the world’s leading system provider of market information and data-based solutions for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the global automotive aftermarket. At locations in Münster, Atlanta, and Shanghai, about 400 employees serve 250 clients operating in 40 countries.

Eucon uses state-of-the-art technologies for automatically identifying and understanding context-related document content, and supplements this with extensive databases and expert know-how. The basis for these forward-looking solutions is the optimization and acceleration of administrative processes in the field of document processing, review, and task routing as well as data analytics. The goal is to accelerate processes and to improve transparency and quality in the sense of a customer-focused company orientation. For more information, visit


ABBYY is a global leader in intelligent capture driving innovation in the areas of meaningful insights, data, and relationships to improve business outcomes. ABBYY offers a complete range of AI-based technologies and solutions transforming business documents and content into business value. By providing digital transformation solutions to financial services, insurance, transportation, healthcare and other industries, the company helps organizations achieve the next wave of growth by understanding customers and delivering responsive real-time intelligent systems. The flexibility of ABBYY AI solutions enables customers to utilize a diverse range of advanced technologies, platforms and solutions for classification, text analytics, data and entity extraction, and data validation via any communication channel and in any format. ABBYY technologies are used and licensed by some of the largest international enterprises and government organizations, as well as SMBs and individuals. The company maintains offices in Australia, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, UAE, the UK, Ukraine, and the United States. For more information, please visit

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