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The Vantage identity document (ID) Skill is a pre-trained AI model to extract information from passports, US driver licenses, residence cards, US Social Security card, and other ID cards from various countries. The ID Skill currently recognizes 10,000 different ID cards from 248 different regions. The model will extract information such as the person's name, date of birth, gender, address, and other fields. The skill also reads MRZ data and the barcode on the back of IDs.

Images of an ID can be captured using a scanning or mobile device, and immediately uploaded into Vantage for processing. Built rules and validations are part of the skill including cross-checking the data on the front of an ID with data read from a barcode on the back of an ID.

The ID Skill can also be customized to disable/remove fields that are not required for extraction, and can also be part of a Vantage process where human in the loop review can occur to verify the ID.

Combined with other Vantage skills suich as Personal Earnings Statement, Bank Account Statement, Utility Bill, IRS Form 1040, IRS Form W-2 can be used within proof of identity / proof of residence / proof of income and KYC processes while delivering a delightful customer onboarding experience right from the mobile device.

  • Vantage document skills are extraction models, based on ABBYY's purpose-built AI, designed and trained to extract key data from business documents.
  • The Identity Documents skill provides high accuracy of data identification and extraction. The skill is ready to be used in production and does not require further training on your specific documents. The Identity Documents Skill CANNOT be further trained on customer documents. Using this skill requires a license.
  • Some of the document classes supported by the skill:
    • national identity documents: passports, e-passports, voter cards, citizenship cards, ID cards, photo cards, proof of age cards,
    • other identity documents: diplomatic passports, seaman's identity documents, certificates of birth,
    • soldier cards,
    • refugee certificates,
    • stateless documents,
    • travel documents: visas, Laissez Passer, business travel cards, refugee travel documents, certificates of return, crew member certificates, entry/exit permits, China travel permits,
    • Permission to the Local Border Traffic,
    • documents for applying for social services: health insurance cards, social security cards, insurance board cards, social cards,
    • documents for foreigners: residence permits, alien registration cards, address proofs, address cards, immigration cards, work permits, Employment Authorization Cards, resident cards, arrival/departure documents, border crossing cards,
    • tax cards,
    • vehicle operator licenses: driving licenses / operator's licenses, learner permits, instruction permits, boat licenses, bicycle licenses,
    • non-compulsory documents confirming nationality: certificate of Indian status, tribal ID cards, Pole's card,
    • vehicle registration cards
    • and more.
  • Determines the uploaded document type and checks whether the data in the text fields, in the machine- readable zone, and in the barcode is consistent with each other. Further business rules can be added as required.
  • Can be augmented by human-in-the-loop review and verification based on accuracy thresholds, missing or incorrect information.
  • Document images should meed certain quality requirements to ensure proper data extraction quality - check the ID Skill Guide for more details.
  • The ID Skill requires a separate trial or production license. An ID (front and back) is counted as one document transaction.
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2 April 2024
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