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Smart CyberLogitec shipping automation tool saves costs for customers

Transportation & Logistics | Document Management

Customer Overview

Name CyberLogitec
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Industry Logistics

Partner Overview

Name ReTIA
Headquarters Guro, Seoul, South Corea
Industry Document capture

Improve handling of shipping documents


Implementation of a solution based on FineReader Engine

  • 1 doc processed in 2-3 min
  • $700,000 saved thanks to automation

CyberLogitec is an international IT company specializing in maritime logistics for almost 20 years. The company originates from South Korea – the 4th largest logistics center in Asia and the country with the world’s best IT infrastructure. Inevitably the CyberLogitec’s team have become experts in all the nuances of logistics and trends of the industry - while at the same time acquiring a professional vision of how IT solutions can improve logistic processes.

One of the latest IT trends in logistics is electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, which provide standards for exchanging data and documents via electronic means. However, even such advanced technology has its pitfalls. Thankfully, CyberLogitec knows how to avoid them in order to satisfy specific customer needs and has a trusted partner with expertise in document imaging solutions – ReTIA.


20 minutes

of manual labor per document

10 times faster

document processing


productivity growth

A Huge Fleet of 200 Ships is Drowning in Papers!

One of the first and biggest customers of CyberLogitec is Hanjin Shipping, listed among the top 10 container carriers in the world. Their adoption of EDI significantly improved worflow productivity; however, they still needed an additional tool for scanned image document handling. Due to transporting over 100 million tons of cargo annually (with every kilo noted in shipping instructions), the shipping titan was drowning in documents.

Shipping Companies receive shipping instructions (S/I) through web-portal, e-mail, fax and etc. These documents are processed manually (printed out or scanned and then keyed-in). Moreover it takes up to 20 minutes to process a single S/I document. The handling was a real headache – a complex, time- and labor-consuming process! It’s needless to explain how much delays or mistakes cost.

CyberLogitec specializes precisely in solving such pressing problems. Their arsenal includes the first document and data capture product for automatic input of S/I in the logistics industry – D-CUBE S/I. This best-seller, which has already cured the headaches of many logistics companies, was created on the base of intelligent ABBYY OCR SDK – FineReader Engine, provided by ABBYY’s strategic partner in Korea – ReTIA.

Lifebuoy for the Customer Fleet

Apart from various uneditable file-formats, S/I also differ in layouts from company to company and country to country. Yet all of them include a limited set of data: address details of parties, package and billing details, time-frames, etc. Every single piece of information needs to be detected and captured for export into a booking system or another database for further processing - and ABBYY FineReader Engine has satisfied precisely these needs.

The integral solution works the following way: a customer or a shipper sends S/Is in any electronic format via various means (EDI, web-portal, e-mail, fax server) to the Hanjin Shipping front office, where operators forward them into D-CUBE S/I.

The OCR engine provides instant S/I input and conversion from various image formats to searchable PDF, thanks to powerful image preprocessing technologies. Then the necessary data are extracted, verified and indexed for storage and search in database. The built-in architecture allows to extend the throughput and processing speed with every additional CPU core used. The screenshot above demonstrates the extracted data imported into the booking system of Hanjin Shipping.

Another moment one should keep in mind is that quite a large volume of documents are in Korean – a language uncommon among OCR solutions. ABBYY FineReader Engine – one of few technologies supporting Korean scripts – processes the documents with the highest accuracy thanks to integrated dictionary support, which automatically verifies spelling and offers variants to operators for manual verification.

Miraculous and Cost-effective Rescue of Drowning Staff

Thanks to the introduction of D-CUBE S/I, based on ABBYY FineReader Engine, S/I processing time was reduced by up to 10 times: 2 minutes instead of previous 20 per document. The handling of documents became not only fast, but also much simpler: now any given S/I processed in the system can be found in seconds. Additionally, due to the wide automatization of crucial processes, the human error rate decreased drastically.

Previously the countless incoming Shipping Instructions took too much time and distracted the front office staff of Hanjin Shipping from their main work duties. Now the operators simply forward the booked S/Is to a document center in Malaysia and dedicate their attention to sales activity and customer support.

Finally, S/I processing time was reduced up to 30% compared to previous manual input process!

“D-CUBE S/I shortens S/I handling time. We can directly order to documentation center located at overseas without printing or scanning S/I received by E-mail or Fax. Furthermore, attached S/I file from E-mail would be saved at Central DB Server. Therefore user can easily inquire data so that improves work efficiency.”
Lee Gi-Bong, General Manager of Customer Service Team at Hanjin Shipping
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