Form Processing with ABBYY Capture Software

How ABBYY Capture Software Works


A batch of forms is digitised using a scanner (preferably a high-speed scanner with a throughput of at least ten pages per minute)

Automatic Recognition

ABBYY capture software automatically recognizes the forms and reads the data in each field

Data Verification

Characters that the software does not recognize uniquely and automatically are forwarded to an operator for verification


Following successful verification, the data is exported and stored in one of the customer's back-end systems


ABBYY capture software recognizes writing produced by machine (OCR), handwritten entries (ICR), handles both letters and digits, can read checkboxes (OMR), and can extract barcodes from scanned or faxed paper forms.

ABBYY capture software significantly reduces the time it takes to read data from forms and offers improved data extraction quality and the data transfer to third-party systems. Using a capture platform like FlexiCapture offers further advantages: once all application forms are scanned, they are forwarded to a standardized workflow process. All of the operators involved in this process check the information in the forms using standardized rule-based verification. The validated documents can then be automatically forwarded to a third-party system for further processing. This makes your data collection efficient and reliable.

You can then dispense with manual tasks such as sorting or checking for missing pages, as the capture platform identifies the different form types and can select the relevant template for automatic processing.

Besides ABBYY FlexiCapture for form processing in mailroom projects, small and medium-sized enterprises can use the system to put in place simple form processing based entirely on web-based stations for validation of the metadata.

Transform streams of forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data.

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