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What if your digital workers knew what to do and when they needed to do it?

Maxime Vermeir

November 24, 2020

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We have all seen the movies with the guys and their cardboard messages outside, the doomsday preppers. To them Robots doing things, all by themselves, would mean the end of the world!

Digital Intelligence for RPA Luckily, they aren’t that smart just yet, but in today's article, I want to show you what IS possible in the here and now.

We’re going to have a look at how ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence technologies can give new skills to digital workers, so they know when to act and what steps they need to execute, to improve processes in your organization today.

Software Robots: The new digital workforce

To make it relevant, let’s think of the following scenario: A potential customer wants a new car!

He and I share something in common, I wonder what model he is looking at? Ahh, it doesn’t matter … anyhow back to him trying to buy this car...

He has found your services as a loan provider and through your amazing mobile customer experience he’s requested a loan for that new car in minutes. So, to ensure that you aren’t leaving him waiting, your back-end processes go to work to check his credit score and see if he can afford the car he wants to purchase.

Now imagine that within one of those steps, there’s an issue; a document is missing that’s needed to fully approve the loan. Usually, this would go to a caseworker so that they can check what’s missing, reach out to the customer, ask them to send over the specific document they need, and then they can approve the loan.

You can almost hear the days ticking away…

Save time with digital workers

What if a digital worker could do all of this automatically?

That’s exactly what I want to illustrate today. By adding both Process Intelligence and Content Intelligence skills to the digital worker, we can have this hiccup in the process handled on autopilot.

Process aware

Now let’s start by making our digital worker process aware. To do this, we are going to leverage the capabilities of Process Intelligence to trigger the digital worker and have them execute the task whenever needed in the process. Within our process, there are certain steps for this loan approval. One of them being that all the supporting documents are available and that the review process of these documents cannot take longer than 1 hour. We call this a protocol.

Whenever a protocol is violated, this generates an alert, and we want to trigger the automatic mitigation process using a digital worker.

With alerts and active run time operations monitoring using Process Intelligence, you can ensure that process SLA and metrics stay positive, but in this example, there is another skill that is required.

The mitigation steps here require the digital worker to be able to understand the document-based content that is presented by the customer and use that to further solve the problem.

Content aware

But how do we make our digital worker do that, you ask? With the easy-to-use Content Intelligence skills, you can enable your digital workers to be content aware.

By adding this skill, the digital worker is able to efficiently process the required documents needed to automatically complete the required loan approval steps. Being able to process and extract business value from any kind of document, with the ease of dropping in a particular Content Intelligence Skill, brings us one step closer to process excellence.

Digital workers aren’t going to take over, but they will grow to help more in the workplace

As we bring more and more skills to digital workers using ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence technologies, we’ll be able to automate more tedious tasks, which in turn provide better customer experiences. The importance of this is paramount, because as traditional services are becoming a commodity, having the better customer experience can make the difference. Let’s all be honest, even if you provide an exceptional service, if the journey to use that service isn’t great, customers will drop and your customer acquisition costs will rise.

Having a smooth process and the ability to act on content-based data is a key factor for the future enterprise, not only in onboarding new customers, but also in critical areas such as customer retention and overall customer satisfaction.

Learn more about getting next-level intelligence for digital workers using ABBYY's Digital Intelligence Solutions.

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Maxime Vermeir

Senior Director of AI Strategy

With a decade of experience in product and technology, Maxime Vermeir is an entrepreneurial professional with a passion for creating exceptional customer experiences. As a leader, he has managed global teams of innovation consultants and led large enterprises' transformation initiatives. Creating insights into new technologies and how they can drive higher customer value is a key point in Maxime’s array of Subject Matter Expertise. He is a trusted advisor and thought leader in his field, guiding market awareness for ABBYY's technologies.

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