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ABBYY Comes to China in Partnership with Avision

October 29, 2008

undefinedABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture, and linguistic software, and Avision Inc., a leading supplier in the scanner industry, have announced the launch of a new solution — integration of ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Professional Edition OCR and document conversion application, which has added support for both traditional and simplified Chinese, with Avision scanners. To inaugurate the launch, the companies held a joint press conference at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel, attended by the heads of both companies. Now the award-winning ABBYY OCR, which supports 184 languages, including Chinese, will be bundled with four Avision scanner models: AV320+, AV6200, AV220C2+, and AV122C2.


The new product is already available in China via the Avision and Great Wall channels.


Charlie Chou, Vice President of Avision, noted that the alliance of the three companies—Avision (hardware supplier), ABBYY (software supplier), and Great Wall Computer Software & Systems Inc. (provided sales channels for the joint ABBYY and Avision product)—will ensure that end users have access to the technologies they need within the shortest time possible.


“Statistics show the most popular Microsoft Office applications are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As electronic document managements systems are becoming increasingly popular, our integrated solution will enable users to efficiently scan, edit, save, and modify documents in the desired formats,” said Charlie Chou, Vice President of Avision.


“ABBYY's products account for 50% of the world’s OCR market, but until recently they have not been very familiar to Chinese consumers. Now that ABBYY OCR technology for Chinese has achieved a high level of accuracy, we are going to put a lot of effort in promoting it in alliance with Avision scanners in China,” said David Yang, ABBYY Chairman of the Board.


During the conference, there was a live presentation of document scanning and subsequent optical recognition.


As a token of close cooperation and friendship, David Yang presented Charlie Chou with a statuette bearing the logos of ABBYY and Avision.


The press conference coincided with the eMex China 2008 exhibition, where ABBYY and Avision participated jointly.

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